Been a while since we last up dated. Here’s a little catch up 🙂


We did our acclimatisation trek through Laos, three hard days of walking was definitely worth it. The first day we had our  first real leech encounter – and a few freak outs. That night we camped out on the riverside. The second day we had an awesome river crossing that was just a good half hour of us splashing around. That night we stayed in a little village with piglets running around our feet as we ate dinner. The last day was the easiest day and had a good ride back to Luang Prabang.


Our first official day of Rest & Relaxation was in Luang Prabang. We spent the day Kuang Si Waterfall, the water was freezing and a “death swing” that made everyone cringe when other tourists had a go.

In the evening the group had a good night of shopping in the night markets where lots of money was unloaded. That night there was a incident involving some questionable fruit shakes Allie and Hannah had drank that morning.


After Luang Prabang, we had a seven hour bus ride to Chiang Mai where (after freaking out over leftover kip) we went to the Zoo for our second day of R&R.


Today, we’re heading off to Mae Sot to start our six day main trek.

Miss you all, hope you’re all having a nice build up to Christmas 🙂

xxx Allie, Hannah and Georgia.

Stay classy Melbourne

The Project-Laos

We entered the village like celebrities, with the all of the high school and Primary School students standing outside applauding……. we hadnt even done anything yet! The locals were beautiful and soo friendly. They helped the girls buy traditional Lao skirts, for our goodbye ceremony. The project involved digging huge holes which took hours, now we have six packs and huge biceps. Saying goodbye was hard after making so many friends. The ceremony was absolutely unreal, we had many unforgettable moments during our stay but they ceremony topped it off, being blessed by so many people and the Vice President of Laos himself. The traditonal dances performed by the Primary School students was incredible, with many delicate hand and foot movements and also the traitional skirts and clothing was a sight to see. Wish we could go back but we have to move forward onto our acclimitsation trek in Nong Khiew. BRING IT ON!!!!

Miss and love you all, Sheila you are a cuttie
Yours sincerly Meagan, Jade, Hannah, Rathy, Flynn and Robbie xxxx

Its time to travel

Early in the morning we had a long journey to Vang Vieng, about 4 hours. We experienced going through caves and that night our first tropical torrential rain whilst sleeping in our bungalows. Vang Vieng is a beautiful place with amazing scenery and friendly locals. The restaurants seating was very different and laid back. The limestone caves were incredible, although the spiders looked like they were on steroids so we made a hasty retreat. The next morning we jumped into our mini van for a 7 hour journey to Luang Prabang. Arrived Luang Prabang and after breakfast at the local market we are heading to our project work at a rural school. We will be cutting some ribbons for the opening ceremony. The Lao papparzi will be there as its a Laos government project to reduce poverty. Pity we don’t have our makeup and hair straighteners.

Arrival Bangkok

Arrived safe and sound, we all got a few hours sleep except for Meagan and Allie who watched movie after movie could not get a wink. Were as Jade and Hannah slept like a log once seated… lucky buggers. The landing was smooth but the humidity made everyone sweat within seconds. Had our first culture shock when we drove on the other side of the road to our guest house. Not sure there’s any road rules here! Vientiane Temples are awesome. The relaxed nature of the local people gave a soothing feel and Jade has now realised she doesn’t want to marry a football player but is considering marrying a monk. The boys were happy to chill out and enjoyed the local food.

Departure Day – Thailand/Laos 2012

AHHHHH! the nerves, the excitement.. this trip is going to be crazy, crazy in a good way. We have offically packed our bags and distributed the essential group tools for our survival!

Dinner will be in Carlton, I’m hurgry, food come to me. As long as it’s not Thia food cause we’re sure to get sick of it after a month.

peace and love<3 


Last photos

The end is near!

Elephant Trekking

The trek

Acclimatisation trek