VIS visit- sports coaching

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Victorian Institute of Fitness centre in the city to get advice abiut coaching and to also have a tour around the place. First we went into a little gym and got split up into our classes, one group stayed to hear a speech about a netball coach, and the others went off on a tour. We got to hear about the persons experience with netball and what she does now, she talked about how she loves coaching and loves netball and gave us a few pointers and tips about how to be a good coach. After she had finished speaking it was time to swap groups and then we went on the tour. It is a really big centre, we got to see how proffesional sport players train and what they use and also what is good for them to do before and after a game.

i loved the experience and i thought it was very efficient.

Sports Coaching- Ms Ramat speech

A couple of weeks ago we had a guest speaker come in her name was Ms Ramat she was a primary school teacher.  She came to talk to us about her teaching and how it relates to our community connections topic, she gave us advice and talked about how to deal with kids and how to teach them certain things and get their attention. It was a very interesting  speech because Ms Ramat talked about some of the things that have happened in her years of teaching and i learned a lot from her speech.

Sports Coaching – Week 2

Last week period 4, the primary school kids did not end up coming to our school due to the weather. The netball group was suppossed to do the warm up but instead we did it infront of our class, we chose ocatpus. After that we did minor games with our sport groups, we did a game were we had to join hands and try to get the hoop around the circle. We also did another little game in our groups when we had to randomly join hands crossing over each other and trying to untangle and form a circle.

Sports Coaching

Last Wednesday we went to the VIS ( Victorian institute of sport). When we first got to there we went to a gym were we got split off into our separate classes and one guy took one group for a tour  to meet an Olympic hockey player and the other group stayed in the gym to listen to a retired professional netball-er and she gave us tips to how to be a successful coach. After we swapped groups and then went to see the Olympic hockey player and she told us about her journey before and after the Olympics, we then asked some questions, we had a quick tour to the gym and indoor pools, one lane was for walking which i thought was interesting and one lane for swimming. Then the day finished and we all came back together to ask any last questions and went back on the bus back to school. I thought the day was very successful.

Lesson Reflection

In todays lesson we worked on our design brief as a group. We had already nearly finished so we just added a bit more to it, then we moved on to planning our sessions. We decided as a group what skills we will be focusing on and what drills and activities we would be doing with the primary school students. Next week i think i could contribute a bit more to the groups discussions.

Coach Approach Reflection

about 2 weeks ago we had a group of people come in called ‘Coach Approach’ they came to help us with our coaching and some things we should consider when coaching primary school students. Because im doing netball in my group we focused on diffwerent drills we could do with the kids and different ways to teach the steps. I think that i contributed pretty well to the activities that we got shown how to do  there was only the 2 netball groups together in the gym so there was about 7 of us.  The session only ran for about an hour but we got quite alot out of it.

Sports Coaching Reflection

During all the sports coaching lessons i have learnt what the community connections program is about. How to design a design brief and what to include in a deign brief. What sports we will be coaching to Grade 4- Grade 5 students and who we will be coaching that sport with. We have also learnt what types of coaching styles there are and which style we would like to show. What characteristics to show when coaching others and how we will do that. Our last lesson we had our first lesson in the gym were we trialed one of our activities we would show the primary school students.