CATCH UP 13/05/2015

In period 3 my group and I completed our script, storyboard and design brief and we where ready to start filming by the end of the lesson. So after lunch we went into the VCE block and started to film our transition video. I was very proud of our group by the end of the lesson because we had completed allot of what was needed to be done; the video for language class, science class and even lunch time. 

we are all hoping that by next lesson we can have all the filming done and start to move onto editing. 

speaking about making a video it has reminded me of when Layla, Ashley and I made a short video on how to tie your shoe lace. it was such a fun and amazing experience getting to make a design brief, write a script, record it and then edit it. 

catch up blog 06/05/2015

So in this class we started our design brief and script for our group assignment. Our group assignment is to make a video to show the year 6 students of Brandon Park primary school what high school is really like. The video has to go for about 10-15 minutes. I think this task will be a bit difficult but i know that when my group and i work together we can do anything!

Wednesday 22/04/2015

Today we all worked individually to create a design brief, storyboard and script for a film to be shown at a festival for the community of Monash. The brief was very easy to fill out and it wasn’t boring because we got to put in our own ideas. It was my first time writing a script in Multimedia. The script was fun because it was something different then what we usually do. After the script came the storyboard. It was about` 10 or so shots of what I would film for the video. I drew them in pencil and I made sure they worked well with the script. overall i found this a very productive class and i’m glad i got all the work done.

11/03/2015 multimedia

So on Wednesday our main focus was on how to make a design brief.

We learned how to make a design brief if ever we were to have a client who wanted a specific thing (for e.g. today we pretended our client was Chet Faker, who is an Australian electronica musician. and he wanted us to make his debut album cover. It was interesting because i had no idea who he was and i found out he did a cover of the song ‘no Diggity’ by blackstreet which was in one of my favorite movies pitch perfect.)

We also made our own design brief on what we wanted to show the kids at Brandon park and i chose to make my design brief about a short video on the transition from primary school to high school.

After lunch we got into groups and revised through and added onto our design briefs and presented it to the class.

this is chet fakers cover of “no diggity”

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