One of the last Multimedia sessions

Hello people. Well this is it. i believe that this will be my last post. I hope you have enjoyed reading about the things that have happened in my Multimedia classes but i know that you really don’t care and that you only read these posts because the classes force us to. Things haven’t been so good during these classes. Personal business has caused a deterioration in the group’s efforts for the video that has been in the works for a while. However i believe that we have done it. Finally finished the project that the entire class has been prepared for. Our video about the transition program has come together, but i don’t know if it will be good. My original idea for the script was ripped to shreds and all of my humor was replaced with bland advertising of our school. Nevertheless we continued filming the project while some of us were doing other things like our blogs and our personal videos. We will have done our vocabulary test by the time you read this because it begins at 2:30. Well i guess that wraps things up for the (probably) final blog that i will be doing so i hope you have enjoyed and i hope that i never have to do something like this again :). Goodbye

Filming the Project

Well things may look better for the group as we actually got to film today. While Cameron was away, the other guys went on his laptop and downloaded gay pornography so it was a surprise for us people who were filming when we arrived. There were a few additions to the script and a few subtraction too. We have managed to film about half of the footage we need for the video. I think this is all i will have time to write so bye

A Catch Up Blog

Well it has been a month since i have last blogged so yeah, that is disappointing. But anyway much work has been done so i will now talk/type about it. During April the Mr Allen had us watch a clickview video for how to make a video. I found it had some things that interesting things but for the most part it seemed boring and long. This was when Mr Allen presented us with a task to do. A five minute video about the community of our choice. So far i have the script sorted out for the Monash division even though i live in Rowville, but i still feel like the Knox and Monash communities are still connected in a way. I am not confident at all about the actual recording of the video because i have never done this on my own. Anyway while in the process of making that product, Mr Allen springs on us another assignment, this time being group work. I am relieved in a way but i now feel more stressed to complete the work. I have been given the job as writer of the script so i can tailor this video to my own liking but i still have to abide by the rules and restrictions of the video.

The “Community” video is set to last for about 5 minutes while the “Transition” work is set to last from 10 to 15 minutes. I don’t believe  that my ideas can last for 15 minutes so i will probably have to stretch out my ideas. It wouldn’t be the first time i have stretched out my ideas for more time. Anyway i got to wrap this up so goodbye

Multimedia Class 25/03/2015- The Mural Creation Project

Well i was sick last week so for all of you who actually are reading (3 or 4 people) i am not sorry. Anyway i am currently in the class now and i have missed a fair bit. We had some kind of assignment about making an assignment for a primary school. As i was late, i was put in a seperate project about making a mural for Mrs Kambouris. At first i had no clue about what i was going to do, but soon later we were off to the races. My partner whose name i still don’t know (sorry dude) and i went to Ao1 and interviewed the creators about the mural. i was looking at the painting and i thought to myself this is really good. Oh FTY it is upside down. Anyway we also interviewed Mrs Kambouris. It was a huge success and we only needed one recording. Anyway, Josh began to create the video while i made the design brief. I am going to sign off now.





Sorry Josh, i didn’t know your name

A catch up of Multimedia

Well i’m currently in the multimedia class at 12:25 so it is period 3 right now. A fair few things  has happened since my last blog. I had a maths t  est a fewchet-faker-album-cover-300x300 weeks ago and i got my result a couple of days ago. As always i got a high distinction. Not bragging BTW it is just the mark i always get. Anyway i’m getting off the original topic. During today’s Multimedia class, I was deep in thought about Mr Allen’s Orange Tie. Why  orange? is there a deeper meaning behind the orange tie. I was thinking of asking him about it.

During his class, we were exploring the reverse design brief by some artist that i have no idea what his name is. I was quite bored when the teacher was explaining about the artist. We learnt about the glass album the Chet Faker made and began writing a design brief about it. I found that the hand was quite cool. Representing the co existence to fragility and security is quite interesting to me. A concrete hand with cracks and imperfections was the cover art.

We started our typical design brief and it dawned upon me. I was actually getting better at making them. I wrote what was required of me and sent it to the teacher. When i was in the middle of writing my blog about my

Multimedia final production 25/02/15

My Movie

Today in the Multimedia class, we were showing off our final products to the other students and Mr. Allen. However due to Cameron’s and jack’s incompetence, all we had to present was a few bloopers we had shot. Cameron didn’t get all of the videos from the video recorder and stupidly thought that he did. This resulted in him sending half of the videos to Jack, who didn’t do “Jack” about it. However i was able to scavenge a clip from the recorder which is here somewhere. Anyway it was a complete train wreck and i felt very angry towards the others.

The other groups seemed to have performed well. David’s group and one other group worked on the garden with Miss Baxt. It was much better than our video which only pissed me off more. Jack was able to compile a few videos which only lasted 32 seconds. Anyway enough of my ranting. Thanks for checking out my first post and watch the introduction to the video that wasn’t released

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