Sports Coaching

Yesterday we worked out some games to play with the kids if the weather is terrible outside. Some of the game we came up with are communication games, group games and games that you have to help each other with.

Sports Coaching – Session 2

Today the 13/5 we were suppose to have the kids coming to our school but the weather was terrible so the kids didn’t come down so instead the teachers and the students are sorting out activities we can do with the kids if this were to ever have happen during the time the kids could be here.

Sport’s Coaching

The VIS taught us how to be patient with younger kids because some kids may not listen or understand and we may have to tell the quite a few times so they understand. Make sure we don’t yell at them because they may loose interest in the sport my group and i are coaching

Sport’s Coaching

We also learnt how to stay fitter and that more exercise will make you live longer. Also to stay in a freezing spa so no muscles will get sore. The elite coaches were teaching us how to coach younger kids because one of the ladies we spoke to said that she coaches a younger team  and they taught us how to work well with younger kids

Sport’s Coaching

Last Wednesday both sports coaching groups went into the city to go to Albert Park, VIS. VIS stands for Victorian Institute Sport. We was a great experience because we got to talk to elite coaches as well as seeing all the cool things that sports players use.

Sport’s Coaching

In this lesson we haven’t learnt too much be we now know our sports and what year level we are teaching and coaching. The sport that i got given was soccer. I have learnt to take it easy on the younger kids but they are small and some know the sport and some don’t and some may be  impatient and others may enjoy the sport. I also have to make sure that i have a positive attitude towards the kids!

Sports Coaching Year 9

During the sports coaching lessons i have learnt some of the good qualities to a be a coach and things i need to know to be a good coach.  I have learnt how to speak to others the right way not being too rude and making sure when i speak to them it’ s constructive criticism.  We will learn how to speak with younger kids and use the right language  with them.