Hi everyone, i am Michael Truong from 9E, this year is my first year at Wheelers Hill secondary college. I am from Vietnam and u know, Vietnam is not a country good at educating so we cant use internet at school, my school doesnt even have internet. What did i do was writing all the times. Multimedia is a new subject for me because i i didnt do multimedia in Vietnam. It is really hard for me understand every single of words that mr. Allen says but i try very hard, i am not giving up and i will never give up. After 8 periods i could see, multimedia is really important for us. We watch the news everyday, we read newspaper, we watch videos, they all all from mutimedia. Every product has to start with a design brief, that is the first step. If we dont do a design brief we wont know what are we suppose to do. I have done a video about making garden, not is easy to work by myself, i had 2 partner and we did work together. We cant work with out partner. Actually, we could but it would take 5 years to do all of the things and if we have partner, we have more than 1 brain, we also have alot of ideas. Last lesson, we had to design a brief for making a video about asking some questions, we did good because we were working in a group.

hi everyone, that was the first time i have made video. I was with Connor and David. We were asked by Mr.Allen to make a video about Miss Baxt’s garden. in this video we record all footage of the beginning to the end. The potting mix, construction, etc… we did an interview and it was fantastic.The purpose of this film is to show an understanding of how a garden is createdMy group made a film on how to create a garden featuring the little veggie patch. We’ve made an interview which explain the process of what’s happening, the type of compost mix, and we’ve also recorded what was happening in the video.We had a difficulty where i  forgot to record the interview, so by that, we had to recreate the interview again. Next time, i  can make sure he checks if he’s recording or not.David  was the camera man and so was Connor,David filmed most of it though. David used a few video editing software’s like windows movie maker, and Sony vegas pro 13.

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