Reflection- Making a Garden

In the process of creating the film, we had to work together. This required each and every person to be apart of each and every task, whether it was a simple task, or a task that required a lot more work.

We split it up and assigned each other different tasks/jobs. Michael, was the interviewer, he interviewed everything about the the garden.Where as Me (David) and Connor were filming, I was also the one in charge of the film editing. Michael thought of some questions for the film, which took roughly 10-15 minutes. Where as Me and Connor setup our plan for filming, like choosing the right camera angles, when it’s the right time to zoom in, reduce shakiness which was prevented by using a tripod that was borrowed from the Library.

When it was the day, we were all set and ready for producing the film. First, we had Connor filming for about 20 minutes or so and I myself filming the rest which was about 20-15 minutes. After the filming of the garden, we had Michael to step up to the camera and do the interview; we did have a major problem and that was when Michael forgot to press the record button.So we had to do it all again, and we exceeded over the amount of time that was taken to create the film. (We passed 3 o’clock) It may have been noisy, since everyone was going home. Although it wasn’t a major problem, I simply applied subtitles.

The Client was Miss Baxt and the food community wanted a group┬áto create a film for the garden. We were trying to get everyone to understand what it’s like to create a garden, so we recorded all footage from the beginning to the end.

The audience was everyone, as it gave everyone an idea of the construction needed, the before and after, and what was in the potting mix, compost, castings, etc… The purpose was the show an understanding of how a garden is created, and what makes a good garden.

My group created a film based on how to make a garden, featuring the little veggie patch, and an interview going on and explaining what was inside the compost, castings, and soil.

My group did have a constraint; Michael, the Interviewer though he was recording, but realized it wasn’t after the interview.This then made us do the whole interview again (Which took about a minute or a half). I was the film editor, and I used Sony Vegas Pro 13 and Windows Movie maker to produce the film; Me and Connor were recording all of the footage for making a garden.

The video was definitely a success, I got all the footage, recorded the video, added subtitles, and finished off the interview. I’m not quite sure what exactly needs to be improved, but maybe next time Michael should check whether or not the camera is recording.

I’d like to comment on two groups that did exceedingly well. The group that did a shoe lace tutorial was very informal especially for anyone that’s struggling to tie their shoe laces. It can be shared with young children in kindergarten, etc.. The last group that i’d like to comment on, is the group that did the newspaper article, it was very informative, well structured, giving the audience a good idea of what the garden is about. It had great pictures, and was well presented.

Here is our product (Enjoy!):


    • Wu Wei LI
    • March 4th, 2015

    You had a really well together video with nice editing and a fitting music playing the background

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