Final Product

Today, we put on our final touches to the product. We put the films together, edited it, ready for next lesson. At the last couple of minutes of class, we did a Vocabulary test on the Multimedia related words. It was pretty east and I’m confident I did well on it!

Group Assignment- Multimedia

In class today, we worked on our group assignment that was on transitioning from primary school to secondary school for the year 6’s; soon to be year 7’s.

Isaac and I are in charge of editing the film but since there is no film yet, our job is to help create the storyboard.

Class, today

In class today, we all split up into 3 groups. Our group’s product is to make a transitioning video for primary school students.

We have to make a 5 minute individual film and a 10-15 minute film as a group that is due on Wednesday the 3rd of June.


This week’s Multimedia class was fun. We started a presentation that is to do with Transitioning for Brandon Park Primary School.

My group member’s are Isaac and Zak and we made a great presentation that hopefully stands out against the rest of the presentations.


In Multimedia today, we broke down into small groups and did a small presentation on transitioning for Brandon Park Primary School.

We could have made our presentation a little more bright and informative but it was still good. I had fun working with my group and I hope to work with them again soon!

In today’s Multimedia class, we did some presentations for a practice assignment. I did not present mine seeing as my oral presentation was not completed because I was absent in last week’s two class

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