Sport coaching so far has really been great and I have learned so much from it. Having the opportunity for little kids to look up to you and learn is seriously awesome, I love teaching them and giving them tips on how to mark, kick, handball and bounce a footy which are all key elements of Aussie rules football.


I’m am quite sad knowing that we only have one more session with the primary students because it really has been a joy to work with them and get to know them personally. Hopefully for the very last session we will be able to have like a gala day event for them so they can say goodbye and have an awesome and fun time with us year nine students.


On the 29th of April we (students of the sport coaching program) got a guest speaker from a primary school to talk to us in the drama room about how to handle the wide range of primary students that act in a good and a bad way and how to approach and communicate with them in the right way. This was definitely an informative speech and I got some great tips.


This session wasn’t the best because only one of the schools could come, we started off by playing some games with the grade fours and then each group would get about a 20 minute session with the kids. It wasn’t horrible because we still were able to teach them the skills required but would’ve much preferred at least a 30 minute session. All that matters is that the kids enjoyed it and trust me they did because we mostly played games! Next session will probably be the best because everyone knows what they are doing and knows where they went wrong in the previous sessions.

Third session

This session was the best one so far! Everyone had a good time and everyone was participating. The kids really enjoyed this week and cant wait to come back the session just flowed perfectly with everything planned and done correctly it couldn’t have gone better. The only downfall to this session was that the kids weren’t as motivated as expected so next session we will definitely make sure they are.

Second session

Everyone was ready and pumped for the second session hoping they could improve from last week but sadly the day got washed out from rain and the primary students had to stay at there schools. we spent the session learning different ways to make the sessions better and different activities to keep the kids occupied. Hopefully there are no more rainy days.

First session

Our first coaching session was great! we met with the primary school students in the gym and they looked super excited we started off by playing as game of pony express and the kids loved it. Once the warm up had finished all of the coaching groups split up into teams and so did the students. Overall it was a good session, we focused on hand balling and i think the kids enjoyed it. The only downfall of the session was that everyone was talking at once and were a bit over controlling and trying to make the session to organised and perfect but it just made it more difficult. I cant wait to coach a new group and make sure everyone has a good time.

Victorian Institute Of Sport

On Wednesday the 29th  of April the students of the sport coaching program all went to the VIS (Victorian Institute of sport) and were able to get great tips from sporting athletes themselves and also a small tour of the place, we had a look at many of the features the institute has to offer from the swimming pools, spas, Gym , basketball court and the Athletics track. Our instructor for the day was Rick Wall and he was giving us some awesome ideas and ways on how to be a great coach and some techniques to help you along the way, overall this excursion was a great experience not only for me but for the rest of the Wheelers sport coaching team.

Community Connections Program- Sport Coaching.


This Class we learned about what attributes and skills are required to make a good coach and what styles there are, some of those skills were confidence, encouragement, Leadership and teamwork. there were many more skills but these are the more important ones. by the end of my sport coaching experience i hope that i have obtained all of these skills and am ready to coach.

Sport Coaching

this year i am enjoying the new community connections program it is really helping me with information on how to become a coach. I hope that by the end of this semester i will have the skills to coach primary school students that want to learn how to play  AFL .