Kuala Lumpur

After a very early morning this morning, we flew safely from Kuching to KL. We weren’t able to check in to the hotel straight away so we parked our bags for a time and went for lunch and a spot of shopping. My group of Blake, Molly, Kirstie and Jack chose Maccas… I think the kids have missed western food though they have all given everything we’ve had a go which made me proud. After we finished shopping, we were able to check in and then whisked off to Batik lessons, which I found very relaxing to be honest. All the students seemed to enjoy the lesson. We then went to KL tower where we saw some people skydiving. The city is a bit disorganised and after being at Eureka tower only a few weeks ago with urban camp Imust say that I prefer Melbourne’s cityscape. have are just enjoying some downtime before heading off to Chinatown for dinner and a it off shopping. Only a few more sleeps ¬†and all the kids will be home!

Day one

We have arrived safely in Kuching and have been enjoying some relaxing time at our holiday cabins. The pool is beautiful and the weather has been steamy (no surprises). It started raining about 20 minutes ago which has helped to take the edge off the heat. the kids are sleepy after the overnight flights (where, contrary to repeated assertions, Kirstie DOES sleep) and have taken it fairly easy today. The rooms are lovely. We did a spot of shopping at the Spring shopping centre, where the students got adventurous and sampled some Malaysian cuisine for lunch…. Just kidding, they mostly had KFC!

I will try to upload some photos also, hopefully the Internet connection serves me well.


ms KambourisWaiting for departure