A day in the life of a movie maker

For the past two weeks or lessons, we filmed our informative movie on cyber-bullying. We were given a 1 month(4 weeks) to produce the design brief, survey, the storyboard, the script and the final product. Firstly, we made the the design brief, then continued completing the survey for the primary school students (3-6) and the year 7’s to answer. The survey focused on what the students preferred to learn about, what they thought bullying was, what they would do, etc…

My reflection on the first Term

When I took my first steps into this community elective, I was frightened of the time I will be having. Multimedia was a subject, I detested upon for I thought all my projects will be done fully by me. It is the middle of the second term now, and I absolutely look forward to talking to my friends and most importantly learning all the different techniques of editing, shooting, scripting, etc…

In two terms, I have gained a lifetime’s worth of knowledge (Just a metaphor). I’ve learnt how to shoot a scene in order to make it look appealing. For example, you can take a shot from above, the side, etc… The role music takes in effecting the whole video. I now understand that music, background sounds and pauses create suspense, excitement or any emotion according to the genre.

Overall, I’ve absorbed a lot of information.

The Proposal

Not actual camera used to film!

For this task, I worked with Keeley, Kelsie and Chantelle. We were assigned to present an advertisement for why our school should visit Brandon Park Primary School and survey them. Our objective was to explain high school and its experience to Primary schoolers but before we could continue with that task, we had to understand what they actually wanted to know. Therefore, we added an extra task of interviewing them so the finished product after the proposal will be interactive. (If it a success)

My groups product is a video to persuade upper primary school students to select us to come over and survey them. Our product was well thought out and time was effectively used. We finished our design brief and on the same day we continued on with our script. We completed shooting the video the next lesson. In the video, we have presented ourselves as peers to the audience and not as intimidating adults. We used various types of mediums which include: background music (heavy Heart by You am I), transitions, specials effects and different angles. Through our video, they will relate and understand our aim can only mean good.

Some issues that we noticed were that we lost two of our recordings and had to re shoot them and edit them back into the video.

The parts about the video that I was impressed with that it was reasonable and building block of the whole assignment. Throughout in this assignment, I learnt that I’m capable to work in a group with people I’m not familiar with and the effects that fitting background music, different camera angles and transitions play in creating the mood of a video.

This is the final product: The Proposal Video

And here is the The Design Brief,  Process and Evaluation

Background used: Heavy Heart by You am I