Progress Report

My progress through these weeks has been alright, I have learnt more than i knew about coaching and i am hoping to keep learning more so i can be a good coach for my future.  Working with the kids has been great and i hope i can use these skills in the future.

VIS Visit

Both of the Sport Coaching classes went to the VIS (Victorian Institute of Sport) and took a little tour of the center and we were told about all of the experiences that the coaches had. If we were to go back there we would hope for more information on coaching then stories on how they got into coaching.

Guest Speaker (Mrs Ramet)

We had a guest speaker come down and teach us how to take care of and how to teach them. She told us to dim things down so then they would understand and to pick one out of the group and use them as an example or pick some one who hasn’t been picked out yet. When making teams chose people who normally get picked last and help out everyone evenly.

Coaching session 2

13th May 2015

Today we sadly had a wash out, so the p.s kids didn’t come. So instead we let the netball group run the warm up (Octopus) and we continued with little activities that we could run with the kids if it was washed out again. Some activities were having the kids hold hands then have a hula hoop and had to get it around the circle with the kids going through the hoop. Another activity was that we got into a circle and had to hold hands with two different people then untangle with out hands disconnecting.

Coaching Session 1

6th May 2015

We had the year fours and fives come down so then we could try out our coaching skills. Our group (Basketball) decided to do the warm up. We all decided on playing pony express, after that we took out little group over to the basketball court so we could coach them. One group went first and taught them dribbling, the next group went and taught them shooting, then our group had to take care of the game of number basketball. It was a bit unorganized as everyone planned for only two groups were we had three, so at the last minute we all got together and planned what everyone was doing that week and then what we were doing next week. Altogether we did great and the kids left happily.

Approach Da Coach


Today we had a girl from coach approach come and talk to us about some coaching skills so then we could coach our self’s. First we started with some warm ups across half court whilst dribbling the ball. As that went on it got more challenging and turned into a race against me and my friends. We would bounce the ball between our legs and spin in circles whilst dribbling. We moved on to pass doing some easy little passes that then turned into a challenge of who could throw the ball the hardest. We did chest passes and bounces passes, then we did both of them together. We then went on to shooting some goals in teams. It was a race like always trying to be the first 7. We were shooting from different angles and would constantly move spots. After that we moved on to playing number basketball. A challenge especially when your versing someone taller then you.

I thought the session was effective. The coach was nice and approachable you could ask her anything about the topic and talk to her about anything. We might use some of the warm ups and games that she showed us as they were nice little games to play and the primary schools kids would have lots of fun with them.