Apr 08

CC Sports coaching for this term

This term in CC sports coaching i learned a lot about teaching and keeping the active attention up for who you are teaching. I thought that what we did and what we are going to do is going to help us become better at organisation and better at teaching younger children. I think in my group we worked well most of the time and got it all done correctly and pretty well. Altogether this term i have learned a lot about teaching techniques and how to teacher younger people

Mar 29

Community connections coaching today

Today in community connections we did some more work on our session plans to get them finished to a high standard because we need to be more in depth. As a group i think we are working pretty well together we just need to keep focused on the work a bit more. Altogether we had a good session and got some good work done.

Mar 19

coach approach

This lesson we had coach approach. In coach approach they try to teach you skills to become a coach as well. We had a soccer coach who used to play for a very popular team called Valencia which is in la liga which is a Spanish soccer league. We did drills including passing control and a game at the end. It was fun to get to train with what used to be a professional soccer player and i believe we all learned lots

Mar 18

Todays session of CC


This video is going to be our first session game to get their skill level up for later on in the session

Mar 05

My reflection of community connections

I think today we did well in my group because we worked well as a team and got all of what we wanted to do done and showed the other group what we had done and they did our training and enjoyed it and then we did theirs and we enjoyed theirs so it was a pretty good lesson for our group.

Mar 04

My reflection of sports coaching

The key points i took from today was that you should go easy and not get angry when things aren’t working and we are on track to achieving our goal of getting our plan finished. The obsticals we have en-counted are that we need to work better as a team but we are getting better.

Feb 25

My sports coaching lesson

I think so far it is going pretty well because i have learnt a lot of thing about teaching.
I have learnt to give praise and criticism and all of the other things needed to be a coach.
I need to learn to speak to a group and teach then to do what they have come to learn and do it well.

Feb 18

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