Coaching Session 3

On the 20th of May we completed our third coaching session. Ms Parnaby’s group did handballing and Mr Smith’s group did kicking. By the end of the session, most of the kids could kick and handball. Our group did a handballing drill where they had a partner and handballed it to each other and if they found it easy they moved back. The other group did kicking which was the same drill but with kicking. After they finished both of the drills they played a game at the end. This session ran better than the first one and we completed everything that we had planned.

Coaching Session 1

Our first coaching session was on the 6th of May. The primary school kids did the warm up which the basketball group organised. We then went up to the oval and did footy drills with them. Ms Parnaby’s group did handballing and Mr Smith’s group did kicking. All of the kids participated and completed all of the drills. We were all mostly organised and communicated well.

VIS Visit

On the 22nd of April, the sport coaching groups went to the VIS. We listened to two speakers. One was a former netball player and another was a former hockey player. They both now are coaches, so they talked to us about coaching. They spoke about setting goals and achieving them. The netball player talked about the hardships she faced in her career and she dealt with them. They also mentioned what makes a good coach and what makes a bad coach. We also got to see all of the facilities at the VIS.

Guest Speaker: Ms Ramat

A few weeks ago we had a guest speaker come to our school. She is a primary school teacher, so she gave us tips on how to act with the primary school kids. She told us things like be friendly but not their friend and to wait a few seconds after asking a question. She also said that if they aren’t listening, bring up their school values. The things that she shared with us we can use in our coaching sessions.

Reflection- 18/3

In the first lesson today we completed our first session plan and also our design brief. All of us worked on a different part to finish it faster. We started our second session plan and discussed what drills we were going to do. In our second lesson today we worked more on our second session plan. I think we could work on working more efficiently so we could get more done each lesson. We are up to date with our session plans and we are clear on what activities we are doing with the primary school students. Everyone in the group completed their task by the end of the lesson.

Reflection for Coach Approach

I enjoyed Coach Approach because we learnt tips about coaching yet we still got to do the drills ourselves. The coach we had was enthusiastic and wanted to help us learn. He was approachable and friendly. We did a lot of different footy drills and he shared some tips with us on how to be a good coach. We already knew a lot of the stuff he was teaching us, but we still learnt a little bit. We did various drills such as a warm up, kick to kick and a hand ball game.

Sport Coaching lessons

I have learnt more about what community means and how to be a good coach. We also learnt about what is involved in being a coach. I liked how recently we did theory in third period, and then in fourth period used equipment to plan our coaching. I am looking forward to actually coaching the primary school kids and teaching them new skills. I am also looking forward to seeing them improve. I think in the future, a challenge would be if some kids don’t want to participate.