rain kept kids away

last week at Sport Coaching we didn’t get the kids to come because of the rain and we had no one to coach. netball was doing warm ups so they missed out. even though there were no kids it was good because we had a break and did other things which was fun.

guest speaker

On the 29th of April we had a guest speaker to come in. She was a Primary School Teacher and she was talking to us about primary school students and how they act, so that we can use this information to help our coaching sessions.

Her name was Miss Ramat. And she has been teaching for 6 years. she was telling us how Grade 4’s are friendly but then can get quite sad, you can be friendly but not there friend because they will take advantage of you. give them clear instructions

reflection on coach approach

i thought it was an alright lesson i only learned what i already knew it was alright to actually do something other than being on the computer. he showed us what already knew like hand balling, kicking and a few drills. he showed us a few good things like how to set up and get the kids warmed up but that’s about it.  he was a helpful and nice guy i learned a lot about him.  i think i would use a few activities he showed us when we do our coaching. i would recommend coach approach to the year 8’s for next year

sport coaching

Wednesday the 25th of February

from the start of the term i have learnt how to work better with a team and cooperate. I’m looking forward to actually doing some physical activity and actually testing some of our training drills. 🙂