Sport Coaching Gala day

Today in sport coaching it is our final time with the primary school students. So to celebrate we are holding a gala day.Our class was in charge of the catering while Ms Parnaby’s class was in charge of the games and activities.

I helped organize the BBQ  with Emily, Tayla, James and Jade. We cooked sausages, handed out juice boxes and muesli bars to the primary school students after they had  in the activities with the other class.

I was really upset that today was the last day of the primary students visiting, I really enjoyed the coaching sessions and am hoping to participate in more similar coaching activities in the future


Sports Coaching 20/7/15

Today was the third week of our primary school visits

This week the Soccer group took the warm up games and activities, one of the games even included the other coaches in a game where we were paired with one of the primary school students. I was paired with James, I found these activities quite entertaining and enjoyable.

When the warm up was finished we took our group on to the hard court to start our lesson, my group went first and took the shooting drills. We taught the students the basic fundamentals of shooting a basketball. To practice these skills we played a game or knockout. Once we were finished our group finished the other groups took over with dribbling drills and a game of numbers basketball.

I thought we could have been more organised time wise and shared the time more evenly throughout the groups.
Other than this I thought the lesson went really well.


Sport Coaching 20/5/15

Today I returned for Sport Coaching and was very excited to begin my participation in the coaching sessions with the grade 4 and 5 students, unfortunately the weather changed last minute causing the visiting students to cancel at lunch time.

Instead of our coaching sessions Ms Parnaby took us to the gym to work on some team building exercises and a few short games like; Pony Express and Partner Dodgeball. I enjoyed the games we played but I would have preferred the coaching sessions.

I hope the weather is better next week.




Sports Coaching 6/5/15

Today was the first day of our Coaching sessions with the grade 4 and 5 students, but unfortunately I was absent and unable to participate in the session
However from what I have heard our groups worked really well together in the warm up game of Pony Express, then proceeded to perform really well in our individual coaching sessions. I really wish I was there to participate and help out.

I can’t wait for the next one !

Sport Coaching 29/4/15

Today in class we worked on our final coaching plans.

At around 12:30 we went down to D1  for a presentation from a special guest.
Mrs Ramat came from Livingston Primary school to teach us about what skills make a good coach.
Some of these skills were:
Be friendly but not friends
Wait 8 seconds when asking a question
Being Patient and organised
Don’t take things that the kids say personally
Try say hello and talk to all of the kids, ask them questions that make them feel important. etc
It was a great presentation it was very helpful as we are begining our coaching sessions next week

15/4/15 Sport Coaching

Today in sport coaching we began work on our 2nd session plan for our primary school visits.

Following our work on  the lesson plans in period 4 we went down to the gym to film our first coaching sessions as practice for our primary school visits. I participated in the netball groups coaching plan and I thought they worked really well as a group.

Our group went second last, I thought we worked really well in this session we spoke clearly, we demonstarted the do’s and don’t’s when dribbling a basketball. In our short session we got a lot done which is great.
I am really keen to begin our primary school visits

Victorian Institute of Sport visit

Last week on the 22nd of April  we visited the Victorian Institute of Sport to view the facilities, meet some elite coaches and learn how to become a better coach

When we first arrived at the  institute we were introduced to Rick Wall the marketing and community projects co-coordinator. Rick gave us a tour of the facilities and gave us an insight into some of the training the athletes participate in while on site.
We then spoke to Katie who is the coach of the Australian B side Hockey team who told us about she ended up becoming a coach and some helpful tips on  how to become a better coach.

After we had spoken to Katie we spoke to Sarah who was a former netball player for the Melbourne Vixens. She spoke to us about her life experiences and her past struggles with injuries. She spoke to us about how no matter what you go through you can’t give up.

I really enjoyed our visit to the VIS i just wish we had more time to view the facilities

Coach approach

3 weeks ago we had coach approach come to school to help us improve our coaching ability. We participated in shooting, passing and dribbling drills, we also played a game of number basketball at the end. It was good to have someone come out and teach us , however it was a little bit boring seeing as  some of the skills she was teaching i already knew

If you would like more information regarding Coach Approach you can go to:

Sport Coaching 25/2/15

I have enjoyed sport coaching so far.

During the first few weeks of this course i have become more knowledgeable on things like the styles of coaching , how to be a better coach , what a community is and how to give positive and constructive feedback. I also quite enjoyed the session in the gym working on our drills last week and I am keen to continue this class