Today in the community connection class, being multimedia, our group continued on the work of making a video. we managed to get some of the sections done, but unfortunately not all of it as it is going to be due next week. we got to work on the individual work, but I haven’t had much time to work on it being the camera man and needing to be out a lot. An unfortunate side is that we got distracted too many times, sometimes accidental, but mostly done purposely. this is a problem that I did see coming and hopefully we will end up getting it complete.

Multimedia – Community

Multimedia – Community


Today in Multimedia, I worked on the local community work as I currently have nothing to do as my role, but what I did do in my group work was get some of the voice overs in. for my individual task of the local community work, I managed to get some work in for the storyboard, and I used the idea of the zooming into the map that my friend gave me the idea to use. What i’m doing for my local community is the area that I live in, Rowville. What I currently have planned for the video is some voice overs, some time lapses of the area, interviews of people who live in Rowville or was once part of Rowville, the Primary School, ¬†and the secondary school. Also I will try to get in the events that occur in the place called the Rowville community centre, for example, they have a “stringy bark festival” and I once went to the “3 -Year-old kinder”. Also I managed to get further progress into the script, and get a start of the actual video.

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