Planning day

It is the 4th of March 2015 and today we have been doing our session plans and figuring out how we are going to do our sessions with the primary school students. Our group has been working really well and everything is going to plan.

3rd Coaching Session

On the 20th of May we had our 3rd coaching session. This week it hadn’t rained a lot so everything was dry. My group ( The soccer group ) planned the warm up game. Tayla Tsokas and I talked to the primary school and told them the warm up we are running. We played a game called Popcorn or Observation Ball, it worked really well, it got everyone moving and they all had fun. At around 2:10pm we split them up into there groups and we took the soccer group onto the oval. We did

2nd Coaching Session

On the 13th of May we had our 2nd coaching session, all throughout the day it was raining and it continued to rain when the primary school students were due to arrive. The primary school students didn’t end up coming because of the weather so all the year 9 students played games inside and it was a really fun lesson.

1st Coaching Session

On the 6th of May 2015, we had our first coaching session with the primary school children. We were not very organised and we didn’t really know what kind of session we would do. We quickly improvised and came up with a shooting drill that worked very well. The other group did really well and kept everyone entertained. We all did well and we were all having fun with the primary school children.

Victorian Institute of Sport

On the 22nd of April we went to the VIS (Victorian Institute of Sport) We left school at around 11:50am and it was around a 30 minute drive to the VIS. When we got there we waited outside for a little bit and then went inside. We met Sarah Wall. She told us all about her net-balling career and about her job at the VIS. We split up into two groups and went around the institute and got told about everything that they have in the institute and who uses it.

Inside day

today we did our design plans and worked out what we will be doing with the primary school kids. Our group is working really well together and were getting everything done. An obstacle we have found is that we will be working with different groups each week. In our group we get along really well, we all do our part of work and work out what we are doing really fast and without arguing. I used my time really well today, i have done everything that I needed to do. I have enjoyed working with my group they are really fun to work with and really easy going. Some challenges we have encountered is the drills we are going to do because we will be working with different groups each week so we need different but the same activites