Getting Closer

Today we finished recording *most* of our video, I hope that we will have enough, I think the the deadline to complete the video is too short I think that we would have a much better quality video if we had more time because now we have 1 more week to finish off the whole thing?!?!?!


I hope that we can do this.

Multimedia May 13th

Today in multimedia Damon and I started recording our voiceovers and we have uploaded out intro and our outro for the voiceovers. we had to do many takes because we didn’t like how our voices sounded,

Next week we should start recording our video


Today in multimedia my group made a lot of progress, we got the script, storyboard and the design brief done! we also started finding the backing music to out video. Next week I hope we will start recording our voiceovers for our video


Today in multimedia we started creating a video which will be sent to the other school, i was working DamonĀ and Weu-Wi, we finished the design brief pretty quickly the damon and I want outside to start shooting the video damon and I tried different angles but in the end we got it right I enjoyed making the video but we still need to edit it.