Term 2, Day 1

At the start of term 2, we sat in our CCP groups and worked out some games and activities to do with the kids.  Some of the games that we came up with were communication games, partner activities, group games and games to help kids with observing. These games taught the students certain skills that they need to play sports.

SC (2)

Three weeks ago, we had our second session with the Primary School students. Thankfully the weather was good. We were sorting out our session plans, and finishing off any other work we had. We all worked well, and had fun with the kids.


Coach Approach

A few weeks into term 1, we had a coach approach session. It was very fun and a lot of hard work. We had a professional soccer player, Nada, teaching us. He was very good at soccer and had a lot of skill and experience in soccer, but he wasn’t that good a coach. He was fairly nice and pretty approachable. But he treated us as if we were his age, and of his same ability. He wasn’t mean, he was a bit harsh, and the activities that he had gave us were hard, but very helpful.

Sport Coaching

A few weeks ago, the primary school students did not come for us to teach them due to the weather. It was really wet and rainy, but we learned some activities to do if it is raining just in the sport coaching classes.

Sport Coaching

On the 20th of May we had our 3rd coaching session, we missed out on the one the week before. This week, everything went pretty smoothly. My group, ( the soccer group ), planned the warm up game. Tayla and Ben spoke to the primary school and told them the warm up we were running. We played games called Popcorn and Observation Ball. It turned out really well! it got everyone moving and they all had fun. At around 2:10pm we split them up into there groups and we took the soccer group onto the oval. We had fun, and so did the kids!

Sport Coaching – Coaching Session 1

In our first session of coaching the primary school students, we went into the gym, and got to meet all the kids. They had a warm up game which was provided by the basketball group, and then we were assigned a certain group to take out onto our area, (oval for me, soccer). We introduced ourselves and then focused on shooting drills. The kids had fun, and so did we.

Sport Coaching

Last lesson, we had our second last coaching sessions with our primary school students. I am in the soccer group, so we took the kids onto the oval and did some basic drills with them. The main drill we did was passing, teaching them to pass with the inside of their foot. At the end we did a game so the kids could cool of and have some fun.


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