Need more post for sports coaching!!!

I don’t really know what to write about but I have too, soooo this is going too be weird and random, at the moment i’s watching two of the girls in my class write stuff on the board about what food we are going too have on our last sports coaching day,  How fun! they are also thinking how it’s going too go down on the day, its going too be a bit awkward with all the kids running around with food and drinks making a mess, plus I don’t know half of the kids names so that is another reason., well to be honest I know none of their names.

Going over what happens in sports coaching

Well today we are going to teach the little kids from the schools again in last period but at the moment its 3rd period and I’m  just finishing off my 10 blogs I have to do! its not the best, and I’ve got along way to go but ill get there.

it just started to rain a little, its going to be freezing when we go to teach the primary school kids in the cold, I’m not looking forward to it, it’s honestly going to suck for me and its defiantly going to suck for the primary school kids.

SPORT with the little kiddies

well on Wednesday about 2 weeks ago, we started training the primary school kids ( Brandon park and some other one)    it was kinda good, not everyone payed attention but they are little year 4’s and 5’s. We manged to keep them under control but it was confusing for them because all the coaches wanted to talk and be heard, so everyone started speaking over one and another.

Sports coaching Again

today has been like all the others, we sat down and hopped on to the laptops and started working on our blogs and finished our session coaching plan on soccer, Can’t wait for lunch, still 18 minutes to go, been working on this blog about 30 minutes and still going, maybe sitting next to savvas wasn’t the best  working environment  but it was fun and much better then writing this blog.