my progress with the students are doing well and team members are doing fine. 10/7.

my progress with the students  are doing well and team members are doing fine. 10/8.

we have finish doing soccer training with the year 5 in primary school and it was exciting, to train with student and teach them how to play soccer.

we have just finish with the students from the primary school and it was alright to day we teach them  about kicking goal and help know about kicking goals.

we just did our second  one of the coach approach train with grade 5’s and I  thinking ideas with my group and it very interesting, on what they have to say about my ideas


we have just done the first training with the grade 5’s and it was interesting to train with the grade 5’s and it place a good idea what to do next with the year 5’s in soccer.


we got our groups for our coach approach and it is very interesting and quite ideal for me to become a good team member and to help the grade 5’s. I think that the student and team members.


What is V.I.S is where all coaching and sport player go and an improve their skill and what they do.

I think that V.I.S is very good learning expression that will help in the sport are doing and what would be go idea to  become  a coach and how they  might it help to be a coach.  while   I was there they  I leasing to the people who run the V.I.S  and what it mean to be teacher or a coach and player at the same time.

They tort me how to be a better coach then I was and what might be improve in coaching year 4 or 5’s and what might be good idea to help them to become leaders or coaches. It was also amazing that they showed me and other class mates on where  train and how they train with.


I think that I have done well being a coach in this program.

I think  that I  am  help other in the class

The teachers  show me what might be improved in class as coach.

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