week 2

on the 13th of may, we had a bit of a problem when the primary kid students could not come because of weather conditions. instead of wasting a whole lesson, we practiced some indoor games that we could run through with the kids if they were to come but it was raining and we would have to stay inside. Mr Smith and Ms Parnaby did a good job to run that activity


from the start of this subject i think i have gotten a better understanding of how to effectively coach kids. i don’t personal i have built on my skills for specifically coaching netball but it has been useful if maybe in the future i would run a coaching course for a sport that i would enjoy.

primary school teacher

a few weeks ago we had a 3-4 primary teacher come to our school to give us some help about how to act and approach the primary school kids. she gave us some good advice such as be friendly to them, not their friend. she was a good help to me and i got some good things out of it.

primary school visit

last week on the 13th of may, Brandon Park Primary School and Waverly Medows Primary School came to whsc and we put all our hard work and practice in to practical. at the start, Mr Smith gave us an introduction into what will be happening to give the primary students and explination. then we went into our warm up witch the basket ball group were in charge. they had chosen to play pony express witch i enitially doubted but in the end it was very successful. after the warm up, the student where split into groups according to what sport the instructor had put them in. in the end it was a successfull lesson and worked well

VIS excursion

on Wednesday 22nd of April the sport coaching group went to Albert park to the VIS center to listen to some inspiring stories from Sarah and Katie and their life involving sport. it was great facilities but next time it would be good to do some physical activity.


coach approach reflection

so far in community connection ( sport coaching ) i have learnt what a community is and what the purpose and what i should get out of this program. we so far have a had a couple of lessons in the gym with our groups so we could see what our activities would look like so we could make some modifications before we went to teach other people. on the 4th of march we had a group of people come in to teach us some important skills in teaching kids how to play a sport, from coach approach we had a girl come and show us some techniques in teaching people to make it easier for us. she went through some drills we could use in our lesson and things that we should be doing. i didn’t enjoy it and thought it was boring but i did get some key terms from it.