Community Connections – Sport Coaching

Today we are having a second session with our Primary School students, and thankfully the weather seems to be holding out. We are currently sorting out our session plans and our time management and finishing off any last pieces of work. ( i.e – Blog posts, videos and vocabulary)

We are all working well and are very well prepared for today’s session, wish us luck

Community Connections – Sport Coaching

Recently we had a primary school teacher make a visit and inform us on the tips and hints we need to be coaches. Throughout the talk she made very clear hints and tips and left us with a much better idea on what we are doing and how to handle the students.The major tip she gave was be friendly, not their friend. It is important you make that very clear, otherwise you find the students becoming to close and taking things to far. The other tip she gave was to always wait after waiting a question. That way the students have time to process and think of an answer to your question





Community Connections Program – Sport Coaching

We have spent the last few lessons in Sport Coaching focusing on our final session plans and exactly how we want to run our session. We have worked out the exercises and gone into specific detail about each and every one. Tayla and myself have worked out what equipment and area we will use and have also researched some coaching skills to help us out on the day!

Sport Coaching Session 1

Today we had our first coaching session with our Primary School Students.  We started up with a warm up and then headed outside with our allocated group. Although the weather was a let down, the session seemed to go well. Throughout the session, we got various activities done. We started of with a basic exercise; standing in a circle and passing the ball back and forth and giving the idea on how it works and how to use the skill. We then set up some goals, and had the students practice and learn how to kick a goal with a simple and easy technique. To finish off, we had a game of number soccer, which the group seemed to have enjoyed.

Overall I would say the session was a success but there were however a few things I think we could improve on.  The first thing would be who speaks when and what. I found that some coaches spoke over and over rid what another had said, leaving the students confused.  Secondly, I think we could improve and keep an better eye on the time and really pick up our time management skills.

Community Connections Program – Sport Coaching

Tuesday 18th March 2015                                                                     Community Connections Program – Sport Coaching

Within the last few sessions we have worked on our Design Briefs and Session Plans preparing for our Primary School Visits. In between completing these, we had guests come and provide a brief education on Sport Coaching and our individual sport.



Community Connections Program – Sport Coaching

Wednesday 25th February 2015                                                                     Community Connections Program – Sport Coaching

Today in Sport Coaching, We focused on feedback; What it is, How it is delivered. We completed a brain storm on ‘What is Feedback” and distributed the following suggestions and ideas.

What is Feedback?                                                                                                               Responding, Giving comments about progress, Providing constructive criticism, Sharing information to improve and etc.

Today’s lesson was helpful and provided a clear understanding as to what feedback is and has given us tips and points to help improve within ourselves.