Australian history (Australian government website covering war, economy, culture, facts and figures, prime ministers, Anzacs).

BBC History (Includes Ancient, American, British & Family History, World wars, A-Z index, Historic figures and more!).

Melbourne History (Buildings, culture, docklands, mayors, streets,parks and gardens, maps, town hall).

Kings and Queens (Index to Kings and Queens from England, Scotland, United Kingdom and Wales, timelines, family trees and more).

World History Compass (Search WHC to find links to websites covering countries, events, inventions, timelines and much much more!).

U.S Presidents (A comprehensive list of the presidents of the United States of America, inside the White house and the first ladies, photos and the oval office)

 Medieval Times & Castles (Important people such as Robin Hood and Joan of Arc, History, Castles, Torture, Culture and life)