Coaching Session Week 2

Unfortunately it was raining so the kids didn’t come. We were still in the gym but we were doing activities that we could do with the children if it is raining. We did this activity where you have a hula hoop and you have to try and get it around but your all holding hands. We did this other one were every one has to grab someone else hands and has to untangle themselves. For our warm up that the netball team ran they did octopus and that was alright i guess. We then did the question fruit salad which was not very organised and quite boring.

Coaching Session Week 1.

This was our first week with our primary school students. We did well considering we weren’t very organised. We could have had a lot more communication going at the time. We were organised very very well we just need to make the time that we have a lot funner. The kids seemed to enjoy it but we maybe we should play a game afterwards.


Guest Speaker- Ms Ramat

A couple weeks ago we had a guest speaker could and speaker to us and tell us how to treat the primary school students. She told us to be friendly but not there friend. She also told us that if we ask a question to wait 8 seconds so that everyone can have a try and answer the question. If the person that gets picked last all the time let them have a go for being captain or apart of the team. She was very good at speaking and helped us alot.

VIS Visit

We went to the VIS and we had 2 guest speakers there. They are both coaches, they told us what it is like to be a coach and how to be a good coach. I think it was really boring and didn’t teach me much. We didn’t have enough time. If we were there for longer it would of been better and if we actually did activity’s and they showed us how to be a better coach. Overall it could of been better


Reflection 18/03/15

In period 3 we were in our groups we worked on our design brief we all worked on one separate part. We then completed our session plan 1 and we started our session plan 2 we discussed what drills and skills we should do and for how long we should do them for. Everyone worked really well and got what they had to do done. in Period 4 we continued our session plan and we are now writing our blogs.  We are doing really well and we are on track with our work we are all using our time effectively and working good as a team. The only thing i think we could improve on is more communication, our group needs to talk more.

Coach Approach

In coach approach we learnt some good skills and we also learnt how to be a good coach. We learnt what it was like to be a coach. The coach was good at coaching and he was easy to understand. He seemed like he had a lot of experience. It seemed like he thought us stuff that we all ready knew. He showed us the skill of kicking and handballing whihc most of us allready knew. He kept repeating the same thing over and over again. He then got us to play a game at the end to end the session.


Feedback on today’s lesson

Today we discussed “feedback” we have discovered how to rightly present feed back .

We also discussed on how to receive feedback.

I am really looking forward to coaching the primary students and helping them out.

Earlier this term we learnt about what it is like to be a sport coach, and how to be a good one.

We also learnt about our community and what the term ‘community means’

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