Multimedia – Last Class Lesson

Today the 27th of May is our lesson where we get to work on our projects (both personal/individual and group) so I tried to finish my video this lesson but I didn’t though I did get to finish recording the audio and have started editing it. But I didn’t get to finish since Audacity isn’t a really good audio editing software since it can only edit certain types of files (e.g. .wav) so I had to convert my .wma files in .wav which took a considerable amount of time. After which I started editing the audio like cutting out the blanks so there wouldn’t be too much pauses and etc. Then when I finished editing the audio and tried to save it into a .M4A file I had to go and install another software for Audacity to convert and I had to look for where I installed it. So overall Audacity is not a good software unless you have everything ready to use and installed which I didn’t.

Multimedia Project

It’s a week before we have to hand in our project and we did pretty much the same thing as we did last time (continuing on our group and personal projects). But my video corrupted for some reason but I managed to fix it after a little trial and error so when I finished I added more images and some music on to my video.

Multimedia – Personal Project

Today on the 13th of May we continued on the project. But because I have finished my part of the group project which was the script, I continued on my personal project which everybody has to do and it’s about a community. So I did mine about Wheelers Hill. I had already finished the design brief so I continued on the script and showed it to our teacher, Mr. Allan who gave me feedback with what I could add which I did. After I finished the script with Mr. Allan’s approval I started my very badly drawn storyboard and made a start on my video. I plan to do my video with voice overs about the history, basic information (like population, religion, schools and etc.) and the places where you can visit (like shopping centres), sports club of Wheelers Hill and I probably might add a bit more later on but that’s what I’m going to put in for now.

Multimedia – Continuing the Actual Product

Today on the 6th of May we continued on making the video. I putted the finishing touches on the scripts so I gave it to our director who then proceeded to give it to our storyboard artist to draw it out. After it was done being drawn our director then proceeded to show it to the teacher but the teacher didn’t like our script so he told us to redo it (which I can understand. As it was just crappy cartoon like strip made online with no text at all. But because of that we can’t start making the video just yet as we need our teacher’s permission and finalization to allow us as he’s like our boss. Though we did manage to get some soundtracks to use in our video but that’s not finalized yet. But since I finished the script I can start doing my individual video which is about a community.

Multimedia – The Beginning of the Actual Product

Today on the 29th of April we finally began on our product that we are going to present to the primary schools. For the first half of the period 3 we separated into 3 groups each doing their own thing (one is doing bullying, another is doing the transition program and for my group we are doing the things that should be expected in secondary college or middle/high school though for some reason they decided to swap the subjects we were doing…… or something similar to that since it got very confusing with who is doing what).

But before it got all hectic with who is doing what I was doing the script the entire time and thankfully by the end of the lesson we worked out who was doing what. Though it was very confusing….. hopefully it won’t happen again.

Multimedia – A Product Practice

On the 22nd of April our teacher was away so we had a sub but we still had to do work. So today we had to make a practice design brief, script and storyboard for a fake product. The fake product is for the local who told us to make a video/film about community and it will debut on the day of the local community.

Multimedia – How to make a video

On the 15th of April we watched a video called Making a Video where it explains the process and people needed to make a video. The video is pretty long so here is a basic description of it. When making a video you require 3 process:

Pre-production – it’s the part/process that requires you to plan everything out (like time management, writing a scripted, booking a place to film an etc.) and prepare for the production.

Production – is basically the doing part as it is the filming/shooting process of the film/media.

Post Production -is where the editing happened such as choosing the parts of the film to be used in the film, special effects and sound mix (getting background sound out, making it clear and etc.).

The people needed to make a video is quite a lot and some of them are a producer, director, writer, manager, storyboard artist, cameraman, actors and etc. Also depending on the amount of people you have in the production of the video some of the people may need to take up 2 roles.

After watching the video we had to answer some worksheets about the video such as the positions and their purpose, the different process of the video and then we had to write this blog.

Multimedia – Making the Video

Today on March 25th we continued the making of the video to show to the teachers (and maybe the principle) of Brandon Park PS as to why they should pick our video to show to the students. I finished the script so my group (Damon and Jack) went to film the video with the finished script. The filming took a little while since some one was mucking around so it was sort of annoying then after when we finished filming we went back inside and connected it to our laptop. We cut and pasted the videos onto our laptop and inserted the videos into Windows Live Movie Maker but one of the video was corrupted for some reason but everything else was working fine. We did some editing but we haven’t exactly finished the video but really close since we had to go and write this blog.

Multimedia – Introduction video to Teachers

On March 18th our class finally got to planning our actual project that we are going to present to the primary school/s (it’s Brandon Park this time). But before we make a video about our chosen subject, we had to make a video to present to the teachers (maybe even the principal) of Brandon Park as to why you they should choose our video to present to the students (mainly grade 5 and 6). We got into groups between 2-5 (mine is me, Damon and Jack) and made a design brief of the video. Later after we finished the design brief and I started making the script to the video while Damon and Jack went to film the start of the video (with the intro of the script). But we had some issues with the sun shining in our video and when we tried to put the videos in Movie Maker some of the videos corrupted for some reason while others worked. Lastly when there was around 15 minutes or so before the bell we wrote this blog to post on our blogging site.

Multimedia – Design Brief

During the last 2 lessons we learned about designs briefs and how to do them (answering the following subtopics:)

(Provide as much relevant background information as possible about who is hiring you)

(Describe exactly what the client needs us to make for them)

(Describe who will be viewing the product. Identify the relevant information about them, e.g. age; gender; interests; cultural background; location, etc.)

(Identify what the client wants to get out of this product?)

(Where will the product be seen?)

(Things that you need to include or specifically not include. Things that will affect your ability to complete the project, e.g. budget, time frame, etc.)

The first design brief we did was about the Amazing Days music festival where we first had to do it on our own then we were put into groups and did a group design brief which was then presented in front of everyone. The next lesson we had to make a design brief about something already that had been made called Built of Glass which is a music album made by the artist Chet Faker (to listen to his music go on this link and give it a try After that we had to make a design brief for the product we were going to do for Brandon Park PS (mine is about the transition between primary schools to secondary schools) then we did the same thing as last lesson where we had to get into groups and make a group design brief which is present in front of everyone.