gala day

Today is the last day that the children come tho Wheelers hill secondary collage. so what we decided to do host a gala day so that the children can have a fun day where they play a few games and have a sausage and a drink. so this day is just about having fun and saying thank you to the children for coming to the school.

overall idea of sports coaching

i really enjoined sports coaching and i would do it again if i could. but at the start it was boring because we were just doing work. but i guess that is what you need to do so that we are organised for when the children come to the school. it was much better when we were coaching the children. It was fun teaching the children how to play a sport that i like and enjoy playing.

community connections program – sports coaching

week 2 – 3

11/2 week two was class time which we looked at what a community is.  it was a good lesson but I cant wait to coach the children. i is just boring when all we do is work but i guess that’s what you have to do so that we know what to do when we coach the children.

a guest speaker

today in ccp we had a teacher from a primary school called zahara ramat come in to talk to us about how the grade 3s and 4s act and what to expect. she told us that they will be shy at the start and to just ask then a question to make then fell better and so that they will be more engaged and hopefully have more fun.


week one of coaching the kids

this week we had the grade 4s and 5s come to the school. basketball took the warn up this week and the kids played a game of pony express to warm up before going out into the four different sport groups. the football group had a good group they listened really well and they showed some good skills, even the kids that didn’t know how to kick a football still tried.

i think that it was a good lesson and i enjoined coaching kids and showing then how to kick and handball a football.

second week coaching the children

this week the children didn’t come to the school because it was raining. instead of doing nothing miss parnaby showed us some tricks to do if the children get bored and stop doing what they are suppose to do.

she shower us some activities to do. they were based on teamwork so if the children didn’t work together they couldn’t complete the activity. then we played a game of pony express

second week coaching the kids

this week the children came to the school so we went out to the oval to do our session. we taught the children to handball and mark, some of them were really good but some weren’t that good but they tried and had fun then we played a game of footy and Hayden had to join in because the teams were uneven.

i think that the children enjoined this session and we worked really well together to get through the activity and the game

ccp visit vis

last week we went to the vis (Victorian institute of sport)  to talk to some coaches about their live and how the became a coach. when we first got there we went in to a room and someone talked to us about the facility and how good they were.

rich wall showed us around, he took us the where they workout and where they go after they have the are finished. there is a big pool and two smaller ones. one of the smaller ones is cold and the other one is warm.

sports coaching

i just cant wait till we work as a group and start testing out our drills and just to see how well they work and what we need to improve or change so that is suits the ability of grade 4.

sports coaching

i enjoyed doing our first training drill i think we could improve in it in some ways. we had to set up some cones to mark where you kick the ball from. after you kicked the ball you wen to the back of the line and waited until it was your turn again

For the last few lessons (theory), My group and I have been working on our Design Brief and our Session Plans. We have worked out and organised our sessions and what we will be doing. We are currently up to starting our 2nd Session Plan, and are trying to link all the sessions together.

We have also been physically practicing our Session Plans down in the gym, working on our skills and developing different games and drills we can teach/play with our students.