How to make a movie.

Today we watched a video on how to make movies, it showed the different people in the team and showed what part they play in making the movie. When the video finished we were given a  sheet to answer questions on such as, who did what, why and how. This video was meant to help us learn how to make videos better so our presentation is better. After we finished the work the bell rang and i returned at period 4. We now had to work on out presentations. I made a copy of the draft changed it. I removed and added slides. One of the slides i added was about bullying, it explained if you are in a  situation where you are being bullied you stand up for yourself and if they don’t stop you tell someone that can help. I also added slides about friendship, saying it doesn’t matter if you are shy or outgoing either way you are going to find friends. I have pretty much finished the presentation, just a few minor checkups here and there and it will be ready to be presented. Today was pretty fun, probably because most of the lesson was taken up by a video.

Sending the presentation to the school!

Last lesson we were given a project and told to make groups of 3 or more, the whole idea of project was something that could present in front of a Primary School so we could show the students. We chose to show the transition from Primary School to High School. The people in the group took a bit of getting used to but we got to know each other and moved onto the work.

We used Google Slides which is pretty much a shared PowerPoint. We started off by discussing some ideas such as what we are going to do and how we are going to do it. We wanted to add information and involved them too, so throughout the slides we had informative parts and parts where they we able to ask questions. So I figured out how to link words to other slides which would make it easier to move around the presentation. I thought the slides would collide but it worked out perfectly fine.

The reason we involved them was to make a sense of them feeling that they are the reason we are doing the presentation, which they are. We put colours and pictures to attract their attention and we also used simple words so they could understand. We also set questions they could answer on the PowerPoint. We had two sets of questions but at the end of the slide we asked them if they wanted to be given a full presentation and we gave them a yes or no option. If they clicked “yes” they would be given the teachers name and email so they can contact him, if they chose “no” we would still say how we still hope they enjoyed watching the slides.

The product honestly ended out better than I expected, we made it seem less of a boring presentation about entering high school and more of a fun journey entering the years you will remember for the rest of your life. Showing the truth regarding the good sides and the bad sides in my opinion was a good idea, it shows that we are being completely honest in what we are saying because high school is nowhere near as easy compared to primary school.

The part of the group that I found a slight bit annoying was how most of the written work would be done by me and they mostly just changed the colors to make it look better, beside the point it was a team effort and I’m still happy with the outcome.

Multimedia School presentation

Today in Multimedia we had to make a presentation to present how we are going to present a presentation to them, pretty confusing stuff. I got paired up with Isaac and Spencer, it was a bit awkward at the start but we got used to each other. We have almost completed both the presentation and the rubric on the first day. I learned how to link words to other power point pages which was interesting, i also learned that i’m capable to work in a group with people i don’t know.

Multi-Media Project

Today in Multi-Media we did a presentation in front of the class.

Everyone had a choice to do a video presentation or an advertise / power point presentation. My group and I chose the Power point. We presented about tips on starting high school. One of the things we had to include was the client aka who wants it made, we thought the people that wanted it made were teachers so they can show it to younger students. Another one was communication need aka what do they want, they want an informal video regarding high school tips. Some of the constraints we had whilst trying to make the power point was trying to find suitable music, working on the slides and more. The music and the slides blended perfectly when we found the right song.