today in the sport coaching session we will be teaching the students how to pass and not step in netball. we are teaching these skills first because they are vital in netball. you need to be able to pass without stepping and getting called for “stepping”

you also need to be able to know how to do a correct shoulder pass, a strong one.  so today i am excited to be teaching the primary school students.

actual 2nd session

today the primary school students are coming to our school. we are going to be doing the same thing, putting the kids into their groups and then setting off into the sports. my netball group and i are going to be teaching the younger students shooting. first we will do a warm up with them, then we will teach them the skills needed to execute this skill. hopefully they will have fun and enjoy this session.

2nd session

today was going to be out 2nd session with the primary school students but they didn’t show up because it was raining. so instead of going back to a room we ended up doing a warm up that we were suppose to do with the little kids. it was great fun and everyone enjoyed it.  after that we just played games

primary school students

On the 6th of may the primary school students come to our school.  once they arrived Mr smith talked about the plan for the period, then once he was finished all of the year 9 and primary students played a warm up game together. after the warm up the students were put into small groups and set off to their particular sport.

my group was the netball group. so we taught the younger students some ball skills in netball for about 50 minutes. the younger students seemed to have enjoyed themselves and i did to.

sport coaching

on the 15th of April, we had to present to the class what we are going to do with the students on the day they come. my group was the first to present. it was a bit nerve wracking but we got through it. we had to get 5-8 students in our class and demonstrate, it went smoothly. we also got a lot of good feedback, then once we demonstrated our lesson plan it was another groups turn.

Guest Speaker

today we had a guest speaker, her name is Zahara. she spoke to us about being better role models to the younger students. she was telling us how to be friendly to the little kids but not their friends. she also said make sure you include everyone and that everyone has a go.  when you see the students say hello and ask them how their going.  also don’t just favor one or two kids, make sure you pick the kids who wouldn’t normally get picked. if the kids aren’t listening ask them what you just said of explained and that puts them on the spot so they can listen. that’s basically what she was talking about today.


On the 22nd of April, the sport coaching classes went to VIS (Victorian institute of sport) we got to the institute via bus, then went inside. Once we got there we were talked to by rick wall who is the marketing and community projects coordinator.He gave us instructions on what we are going to do for the day then he gave us a tour. while he was giving  us a tour he was speaking about what they do at the VIS and what the athletes do to get ready to compete or play a game. after the tour we had to listen to Katie which is a hockey coach. she told us about her family and the types of different sports she played when she was younger. after that we listened to Sarah (an ex-vixen player, netball player)  she also told us about her experiences with playing with the vixens and her injuries to her knee. overall it was a good experience.

sport coaching

Today in my sport coaching class, my group and i have finished off our second session plan. The session plan is an outline of what my group is going to teaching/demonstrating on the day we see the students. this session plan is based around shooting, our aim is to teach the students how to shoot properly.

Our second session plan consists of us demonstrating how a netball player shoots and what is required to shoot properly. We will do some stretching at the start of the session then some drills and mini games at the end.

Sport coaching

During sport coaching, i have learnt what qualities a good coach needs. How to approach kids in a friendly manner, how to give constructive criticism but not to be harsh or to strict. Be positive towards the younger students and make sure they are having fun during the sport that they are learning.

Sport Coaching

today in our sport coaching class, we have learned simple but effective skills for us to teach younger students. over 4 weeks we will be teaching different students different skills in the sport that we have been given.

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