Session 2 13/5/15

Due to bad rainy weather the students from Waverley Meadows and Brandon Park couldn’t come to our school.

Instead everyone from the two classes joined and we did some activities all together. First we played games that we needed to use team work and communication, like a group standing in a circle and holding hands and then trying to get the hula-hoop around each of us without letting go of the other persons hand.

Afterwards we played a game of popcorn which was a fun way to end the day.

Session 1 6/4/15

For session 1, students from Waverley Meadows and Brandon Park came to our school. Each sport group (Basketball, Netball, Football and Soccer) had a group of students to teach that particular sport and the special techniques needed to play that sport.

The basketball groups had 15 minutes each to do one activity with them. My group was the second to do an activity. We taught them how to dribble a basketball and then set up cones for them to go around. The kids learnt how to do it very easily and many of them already had experience in basketball so it was very easy for us.

We were all very organised, we all contributed and gave positive and constructive feedback to the students when they did something well or needed to work on something.

VIS Excursion

On the 22nd of April we visited Victoria’s Institute of Sport. Once we arrived, we spoke to professional netballer, Sarah Wall who talked to us about where she had grown up, her involvement in sport, her career in netball and how she got there and the obstacles she faced and where she is today. She also gave us advice on how to coach kids and how you have to be as a person to do so.

As a kid she participated in all different sports and Netball ended up being the one for her. Throughout her life, she has played for New South Wales Swifts, Melbourne Phoenix and Queensland Firebirds. In between playing with these teams she damaged both her ACL’s, each at different times. These injuries were obviously big obstacles that she had to face in her career. She is now the creator of a business called Jeanieboy.

Sarah explained that playing in different teams through her life, she didn’t feel fully supported by some of her coaches and they wouldn’t expect much from her. She said that her coaches acting that way drove her to do better and made her want to prove them wrong that she was way better than what they think.

Sarah said to us that when we are coaching kids it is very important to come to the session looking positive and enthusiastic. If we come to the training looking bored, tired and negative, it will rub off on the kids and it will not make you look like the leader of the team. She also mentioned that you have to have a love for the sport.



Recap on Term 1

The footage on the videos from the Coach Approach lesson was showing the Basketball groups doing activities we can think of doing with the students that we teach. The activity we were doing in the video was bouncing the ball from our left hand to our right hand up and down the court.

In Term one of Community Coaching I have learnt many tips on how to teach younger kids how to play a particular sport which will be very helpful. Throughout the lessons in term one, my group has finished the design brief, and started planning what we will be doing for our first lesson. We have been able to get along and communicate well altogether and complete the work that needs to be completed.

Week 7 18/3

Today we worked really productively as a group. We didn’t waste any time during class and we finished our Design Brief. Now we have to finish our first session plan together. We are communicating well and figuring out who does what part of a task very easily with no arguing. I am looking forward to our first session coaching the students and going to the Victorian Institute of Sport.

Week 6 4/3

In Period 3, we got in our group and shared a google doc with our session plan on it. We started to organise how much equipment we would need and started planning what we will want to be doing throughout the lesson starting with the warm ups. We decided for the first 10 minutes of the class to play a warm up game of octupus tiggy and scarecrow tiggy. These warm ups may change depending on what we decide to do for the rest of the lesson.

In Period 4, Coach Approach came to the school to help us with ways to teach the little primary school kids how to play basketball. The tips Tess gave us were very helpful and will come in handy when the actual day comes. She told us to encourage the kids by saying certain things like, well done, better luck next time and very nice etc. Make little activities competitive like how many claps can you get when you throw the ball up in the air. When teaching the kids certain skills like how to position yourself when aiming for the hoop, tell them in steps and get them to repeat it so you know they understand and were listening and the steps were clear.

Week 5 25/2/15

In today’s lesson I have learnt how to give feedback to younger students that need it to improve their skills. You have to give good advice in a respectful and positive way and give helpful comments about their progress in the particular skill.