Today in multimedia our group broke up into separate groups. We separated into a story boarding group and a filming group. The story boarding group was made up of David and few of the other guys. The filming group was made up of Myself, Taz, Harry and few of the girls. This lesson was extremely successful. The storyboard had a massive amount of work added as continued filing and the amount of audio and visual we were able to capture was great.

We all work really well as a team in the different areas that we are successful in. For example I am good at the acting, Taz is good at filming and David is very good at all the computer and story boarding. We have only got a week to be able to finish the video now and complete the editing stage. Overall this is a very successful assignment. We have all contributed, some more than others to create what so far looks like a very good high quality piece of work. I cant wait for it to be finished.

Today in the first lesson. I started to help my group in continuing to create out group community task. We are going to create a video about student transition from year 6 to year 7. The transition video will be shown to the students of Brandon park primary school to give them an idea of what starting high school is actually like and what they can expect when the transition process begins at the end of this year.

In the second lesson of today I continued with my individual task. I reviewed my design brief and made some serious changes. I am now about to also redo my story board and script so that it works well with my newly redesigned design brief. In my storyboard I will add great detail and good corresponding pictures and text to clearly describe how I want my video to look and sound. Overall my group worked very productively and so did I.

Finally, today we got to do something other than just a design brief. Today we all worked individually to create a design brief, storyboard and script for a film to be shown at a festival for the community of Monash. The brief was very easy to fill out but I had to put a lot more thought into the script for it was my first time writing a script in Multimedia. The script was fun because it was something different to do. I made sure to add some directions in the script to make it easier for the Story boarding process. After the script came the storyboard. It was a very basic 10 or so shots of what I would film for the video. I drew them in pencil and I made sure they corresponded to the blue directional text on the script.

Today was a fun lesson where I got to try new things. I completed the task in the two lessons with time to spare. I find it easier working individually because there are less distractions but i also enjoy group work because it is fun to see others skills and how they work as a team. I think we should share out the individual and group work so there is a more even amount. Overall though i found today to be a great learning experience and a lot of fun.

Today in Multimedia we didn’t do much. We started the lesson by watching a video as a class. The video was called how to make a video. It was about all the different processes you have to go through and all this different parts of a production. For example post production, production etc. After the video we all had to answer some questions on the video. This took up the whole first lesson. In the second lesson I partnered up with Harry to create another design brief.



(Provide as much relevant background information as possible about who is hiring you)

The client for this video is Mr Allan.


(Describe exactly what the client needs us to make for them)

Mr Allan wants us to create a video for the students in our multimedia class showing them our community and what is in it. He wants us to show what are community is about and what there is and who lives there. All the information we can find about our community should be in this limited 3 minute video.


(Describe who will be viewing the product. Identify the relevant information about them, e.g. age; gender; interests; cultural background; location, etc.)

The client for this video will be our fellow students in the multimedia class for year 9. They are a group of friendly students who enjoy multimedia and using and experiencing different types of media. They all have made several videos in this class and are skilled in different parts of this subject.



(Identify what the client wants to get out of this product?)

The client (Mr Allen) requires us to make a product about our local community. For assessment of our skills. The client also wants us to make the video entertaining and interesting for our fellow students in our multimedia class.



(Where will the product be seen?)

This product would most likely be seen by the other students and Mr Allen of Wheelers Hill Secondary College. If the video was really good, it could be used to convince people to move into the area so this video could be used at real estates.


(Things that you need to include or specifically not include. Things that will affect your ability to complete the project, e.g. budget, timeframe, etc.)

One constraint of this product would be the quality of the video. We may not have a very good camera at the time or other sounds may interfere with the audio. Another constraint of the video would be the content that would be accepted by society for viewing. For example, it is a common thought that Bayswater and Boronia are places that have some terrible things happening on and we wouldn’t be able to tell the viewers that.

I am starting to find making all these design briefs boring. I think i have developed the skills necessary to make a proper brief. After making so many briefs i am starting to get bored in class. Over all in class I am working effectively but I am still bored.

I am going to try something different this week. Considering all my previous blogs have been me writing about what I have been doing I thought that maybe I should show you what I have been doing so this is my reflection and evaluation of my groups overall effort in the Brandon Park P.S Proposal.

Process Taken

We began the videoing process by completing the design brief. We focused on what we thought Brandon Park would want from us and what kind of video they would find interesting to watch. We tried to really think about how to ask them in a polite and formal manor about collaborating with them. We finished the design brief and then wrote up basic script for Tanya and Taz to say. We made sure it was quick but informative. We wanted to make sure we got our main points across without boring the people who would be watching it. After completing the script, we then filmed the product that we would be sending to Brandon Park. We filmed the product in front of the wheelers hill sign which we thought would give the video another level of sophistication while telling the students both verbally and physically that we are from Wheelers Hill. We also made sure that we put two people in the video. We thought this would make it more interesting listening to two people instead of just the one.


Overall I believe that my group and I worked extremely efficiently with the time given. The video shows high levels of sophistication and formality while not being boring. The overall process, I believe, could have been more effective if we planned the script and thought it through a lot more but the design brief itself was very descriptive. I also think that the duration and quality of the video could have been improved quite a lot more if we had taken more time and put a bit more effort into it.

Next time I will try to take a lot more time with the actual filming of the product and I will make sure it is to the highest quality that I can get it. I will also make sure that it is planned to the very last point with nothing left out and nothing forgotten.

CaptureToday’s lesson was very enjoyable. We started by discussing as a class what the activity today would be. We then broke up in to groups, my group was Layla, Me, Tanya and Taz and began the activity. The task was to create a design brief for a product. The product would be a proposal to Brandon Park Primary School. My group decided to make the proposal to the year 5 and 6 students because they would be more willing to he contribute and collaborate with us.After a wile doing the design brief my group began to get bored because we have done so many design briefs lately. I understand that they are useful in planning but I find doing something over and over very boring and unexciting, so after we had finished the design brief for the proposal we all started talking. Layla and I were talking about my family and life Back in England and we also discussed what we want to be when we grow up. I found this whole lesson to be fun and social while i also learned a lot. My group got a lot accomplished in this lesson and  we very successful. Next lesson we will film our proposal and edit it to be able to be sent to Brandon Park Primary School over the holidays.

CaptureToday in Multimedia we further looked in to our main community assignment with Brandon park primary school. We started the lesson by doing a reverse design brief activity where we would be given a chunk of information about a product that has already been made and then we would write a design brief about that product imagining that the product isn’t made yet. I thought this was a pretty fun activity since the product we were doing was Chet Faker’s album cover and we got to listen to some of his music while we were working.

After we had done the task individually we then came together as a class and discussed what we all wrote. I thought I had written a very good design brief and i think there were quite a few others that wrote very complex briefs too. After that first little activity we all individually went off and wrote up a draft design brief for our community connections assignment. My main topic of focus was the transition from year 6 to high school and showing the students of year 5 and 6 that high school isn’t scary and that is is a very fun place.

We did our individual briefs before going into groups with people who had done similar topics. I was with Spencer, Tanya, Keeley and Taz and we made a group brief about the transition from primary to secondary school. It was good to work with people that I dont usually work with. We came up with a great over all brief that I thought was precise and straight forward. I have attached the group brief so everyone can see it.

Today in Multimedia all of the groups presented there assignment. Our group made up of Taz, Harry, Jack and Myself presented a video. Our video was based on basic self defense. We all had 15 minutes at the beginning of the lesson to finalise what we had been able to put together. This is when we discovered that none of our editing had been finished and that not all of our captured files had been sent to Jack. This is because when I was copying the files over to my laptop not all of them saved. Harry wasn’t very happy when he found out that it wasn’t all completed and it is fair to say he blamed everyone apart from himself.

We were able to get an extremely basic, slightly terrible short video together with the few video files we had. It was very funny to watch and I think that class found it pretty amusing considering the amount of bloopers we put into the video. I found it really fun presenting but a bit embarrassing since we didn’t have a very good video. The video that we wanted to show would have been for primary school students, to show them some basic self defense moves, But all we were able to show were a few moves and a lot of funny bloopers. The other groups presentations though were incredible considering the time restraints we all had. The videos shown were educational, factional and very well put together.

Overall I believe the class did an exceptional job on all the presentations shown. They all had things they could improve on but they also all had things that worked really well. I found today’s lesson extremely useful in showing us how much we can all get done in a very short amount of time and how well we can all work in small groups. I thought that is was a fun lesson where we all got to see what each others skills are, whether it is editing or filming or acting or writing. It was a useful exercise that I think will be useful to all of my multimedia classmates in the near future.