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what i think of sport coaching

At the start of year sport coaching was not as it is now. We were do all the time now we have 75 mins of work. We put our work in to coaching the year 4 and 5 kids. Before it was boring and no one wanted to do it. But now it is a lot of  fun, see little year 4’s and 5 graders run around and having fun. It was a great day and it was nice to be coaching them.

coach approach

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at the start of the term 4 people from coach approach came down and show us what to do with the year 4 and 5. he showed us some games and some tips like the coach stand with the sun in his or her eyes/to add games in the middle of the sessions. over all it was a great day it was a really fun.




guest teacher

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Today we had a guest teacher come down. She talked about year 4 and 5 kids. She told us to wait 8 seconds for an answer after asking a question and ask how there day went stuff like that. she was very helpful I learned  so much today.




trip to V.I.S

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last week we went to Victorian institute of sport, I was looking forward to it for was a 30 min drive there when we got there  it was very interesting inside. they had all kinds of sporting machines . they split us into  2 groups, the first group want up stairs  and the second group stayed at the lower floor. i was in the first group. when we went up stairs a woman came and talked to us about what the institute has done for me and how she had made her career.after half way thourth her talk I had lost focus and stared watching the stuff that was behind her. LOL