Sport coaching session 3

This week the kids showed up and it was soccer’s turn to take the warm up (I think they played popcorn). Once they did that they separated into their groups.

The first thing the netball group did was introduce ourselves to the year 4 and 5’s. We then got them in pairs and standing on the line. We practice Passing drills first to see where there at, we then played a game with passing drills.

Then we taught them to shoot and we then played knock out and golden child and at the very end we used some team skills and played caterpillar.

Once we finished we all lined up and gave the primary kids a high five and said good bye.

Sport Coaching session 2

For the sport coaching session 2, the kids were unable to come due to weather problems.

It was netballs group to do the warm up this week, we still did the warm up with the year 9’s. We changed up the rules half way through without discussing it before so it ended up in a bit of a mess but everyone kept having fun and moving.

Once the warm up was done Ms Parnaby made us sit down in our sport groups around a hoop. She made us work on our teamwork skills and also how we could include it into our session plans.

First Community Connections/Sport coaching

A couple of weeks ago, on the 6th of may, a small group of kids from two schools came to visit us for there first sport lesson by the year 9 WHSC students.

For the first lesson it was the basketball team that took the warm- up. They played PONY EXPRESS and had the spare year 9 students around the edges helping out. The schools played against schools and it looked like they enjoyed it.

Ms Parnaby   then got the kids to sit up against the wall and then she separated them into 4 different groups.  The groups where soccer, basketball, football and netball.

We then separated into our groups and I was coaching netball with  Taylor, Jade, Aron, Elise and Emma  (there where others but they where not present)

Our Session place was based on passing skills. We first taught then how to do the basics(chest past, Bounce pass and lob throws). We then used thoughs passing skills and put them into a game.

Once we finished they lined up with the rest of there school and said good bye and went back to there school.

Feedback On Today’s Lesson

I have learnt that there are many different meanings on feedback, and how it can help/improve my coaching skills. I like the idea of having theory for one period and then prac in the next period. It’s good that we interact with other people and learn to get along with others in class seeing that we are going to work with them.

V.I.S visit

Last week our Sport coaching groups went to the V.I.S ( Victorian Institute of Sport).

As we walked into the V.I.S we sore loads of different equipment that wasn’t in any ordinary GYM . This GYM was used for high up athletes.

We where seated down in one of the GYM’s  and where told a couple of facts about the V.I.S.

We where then split up into our different classes and one group had to go up stairs and our group stayed in the GYM. We had a former Netball player come talk to us. She spoke a bit about her self for starters then she started to give us some tips on how to coach younger kids.

We then went up stairs to talk to a former Hockey player who was a 3 time gold meddles in the Olympics.   She gave a couple of facts about herself as well. Then she talked to us how little kids have a productive but fun lesson at the same time.

Later on we walked into the pool area learnt a bit about that then we walked back into the GYM and why everyone else was sitting down we had to do push-ups for 30 seconds. We then sat down and said thank you for our visit

Coach Approch

Last week we had people come to our school to give us pointers on how to coach younger kids in a fun but still safe way. They taught us not to make things to hard but also not to simple, they got us involved in some games to see if it would be a appropriate and fun to play. They also showed us how to get them to listen and have a good time and enjoy it.

With Coach Approach they where meant to teach us how to coach but they where just teaching us games. I would of liked it if they taught us to be the coach and learn ways to get everyone focusing and enjoying it, but it was more focused on us enjoying it.

Reflection Blog

Today we worked on our Session plan and we got allot done in the planing.  While working on the plan it made me more confident by telling me what I’m doing on a cretin day instead of just showing up and not knowing. It also taught me allot more about netball and the skills that will help me coach to younger kids.