for our future coaching sessions planned for my class we will conduct some CPR training and VIS representatives will come down to speak with us. even though i don’t have much info, i am exited for whats to come next

previously last week we performed our last coaching sessions for our primary school students. as our fourth session, we were assigned to host our game,number basketball.

the game consists of two equalized teams all with one number for each player. a ball is thrown and numbers are called. whatever the numbers are called out those players named by the numbers go out on 1v1 2v2 or even the whole team.

the team with the most points at the end of the game wins

today is our final day with our primary school students. as this is, our program has offered us to organised a GALA day or round robin day as you will. this will allow the student from our sport coaching sessions to play sports games and for us to host a catering session in their behalf.

my group is currently hosting for the catering session such as sausages, drinks and certificates.

Somewhat a couple or weeks ago me and my community program class went of to the Victorian institute of sport. as me and my friends entered inside the sporting complex, it totally wasn’t rotting with the smell of fat sporting sweating men. quite horrendous.

as i entered the complex i was quite surprised of how many working machines there are comparing to an average gym,still smelt

as we met lots of professional coaches and players, cause i totally remember their names, it was time to get back to our community connections program classroom, it actually didn’t smell 🙂

sport coaching is a life changing experience for me contributing to physical education. the hints and tips i have ‘totally’ bothered with are awesome and great for future practices, and great with the students i have been working with.

overall with experiences such as coach approach,V.I.S excursion and theory work makes me very happy to be involved with this community program experience

my blog is good

earlier last week coach approach came and gave us some great tips on coaching tips for kids. such as dribbling on the spot to teach them how to hold and what height to bounce the ball at. with shooting they showed us how to perform layups and what to inform the kids for holding the ball and good quick games that base all of the skills such as number’s basketball.

which is a great game for kids. thanks coach approach you are great

i am absolutely exited for teaching primary school students basketball because i enjoy the sport so much and it is awesome that i now have the chance to improve my skills as a coach and have that knowledge the next time teach others the sport


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