Finishing Project

Today we filmed and finalized the final script and last scene, all we have to do is edit and and do some proofing over the final product, The team work very well today with the exception of the slow start, and occasionally when we were trying to film people went missing and went back to the classroom with out telling the group other than that we got all of the filming done with a bit of time left were i did my individual task. which was pretty good as i started story boarding and was able to make some good progress. Next lesson i hope the group has all done there bit at home and finished there bits so we can put it all together and present an acceptable piece, i also hope the video looks good and doesn’t end out as a bust

Filming Project

Today we continued on with filming our group project. We made very good progress as we were able to record many scenes that were very important to our group presentation of the transition program, unfortunately i was not able to get anything done on my personal project but i have got all that prepared and on good track to finishing. I feel today we made good progress and the team work very well together with a little leadership from me which is what we needed as some lessons we would not get much done as there was a lack of leadership and therefore we got no work done. Next time i want to be a little more organised and when we film be more prepared and not stuff up so many times which is a bit out of our control but maybe a little less laughing but more filming. Another issue today was the battery of the video cameras as none of them had a full battery and two cameras later and time spent charging the cameras we made the decision to use my phone which was a bit difficult as we didn’t have a proper tri-pod for my phone but i was able to rest my phone on the piece of the tri-pod which i hope ends up working when i get to editing.


Today we were mainly working on making our group project and we got some interviews started. I Really enjoyed to day as everyone seemed to work productively and we all got some good work done, in the second lesson i start work on my personal project were i began to write a design brief on it. I really enjoyed today few lessons cause I got a lot of work done and was able to create a happy work environment for everyone else I would hope next week  is much like today.

Project start

So today we got started on the The main project of the subject today which was to create a video telling primary school students what high school is like, we all got into groups and i am very happy with my group and the effort they have put in. We mainly just just got of an idea of what we really want to do how we want to present it and started making a brief draft for a script after we made everyone’s role in the project. I really enjoyed today’s lesson as it wasn’t like most other lessons were we would practice writing design briefs. but there was issues with understanding between two transition groups which really annoyed me as i though they knew what they were doing and i got pretty annoyed but oh well -Tasman

MMD LESSON- Video Presentations.

Today we had to present our Media assignments which was to present a video of our choice. me and my group of ¬†Harrison, Cameron, Jack and I choose to do a self defense video. Everything was going well until we came to the part where we had to put all the video we recorded in the last lesson together to make a film but when it came to putting it together in editing software we came to a lot of issues with getting videos from the camera to the computer, for some reason not all the videos came off the camera and come the day(today) when we had to present we didn’t have an acceptable presentation, well i didn’t think it was presentable. Through my embarrassment and laughter we did the presentation but i was defiantly not to happy with the work ethic and communication of the group, But we did eventually finish it.

The other Peoples presentations were done very well, I especially enjoyed Davids video where he did a video on the garden, i feel most groups did very well, I feel bad that our group was the one that was not able to pull our weight and all the other groups were able to complete a full video next time will defiantly be different as i intend to do much better, Thanks for reading- Tasman

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