The Rain That Didn’t Go Away!

Last week at Sport Coaching we unfortunately didn’t get the kind of visit that we were expecting! We got rain instead of the Primary School Children!!!! And it was the Netball Group’s turn to do the warm up!! So we missed out on that!! But we did the warm up to our fellow classmates!! Which went alright because we didn’t get to plan the warm-up fully before we started it!!! Although the rain came and the children didn’t we got shown activities we could do if it did rain!! They were actually pretty fun!! I personally think that the activities were mainly teamwork based which is a great skill to be able to show not only from a coaching view but in general!!!

Whistling In Sport Coaching

Today Mr. Smith told us that because we are coaches we get the privilege to teach students sports, teach them good team spirit and good sportsmanship and we also get whistles today! Very exciting! Feeling like we are so close to being coaches and being leaders to year 4 and 5 students!

Sport Coaching Tasks

In sport coaching we have been given to complete a wide range of tasks that are relevant to our coaching requirements. These tasks include working with our group to submit plans for our coaching sessions, how we will act and re-act to the students abilities, and we also have completed individually some tasks to receive our own point of view on how we will coach the students and how we will act and re-act to certain situations and certain students capabilities.


Feedback lesson for Sport Coaching

Today in sport coaching we learnt about feedback. We have discovered what feedback skills we should use as a coach.  I now understand what feedback I should give and use as a coach.

Earlier on in this program we have learnt what it is to be a coach, what kinds of coaches there are and how we are going to teach the students our chosen sports.

I am really looking forward to developing the skills as a good coach and I cant wait to actually teach others the skills of the sport.

The Guest Speaker

On the 29th of April we had the great opportunity for a guest speaker to come in. She was a Primary School Teacher and she was talking to us about primary school students and how they act, so that we can use this information to further develop our coaching sessions.

She was first introduced then she began her informative speech.

Her name was Miss Ramat. And she has taught for Primary School  for 6 years.

She said that:

Grade 4’s are quite confident but then can get quite sad, you never know what the children have come from so be friendly but not their friend because if they think that you are their friend they will misbehave and take advantage of you. Have clear management, tell them all the same instructions. Model things through your own actions. The children have no filter- they don’t understand- they are very honest and say what they think. Instruct them clearly- say it clear and slow, say three steps then say it again then get them to repeat it to see if they are listening. All kids learn in very different ways. Read all situations. Ask them things.

The summary of this event was:

They are just children, they see you as a role model, pick the ones who get picked last first, and , be friendly but not their friend.

I think that this event was very helpful for our sessions ad how we act towards these children.

The Great VIS visit!!

Last week on the 22nd of April the sport coaching group went to Victorian Institute Of Sport to further develop our coaching sessions and add to our blogs and to learn about Sport Coaching from and Elite sports persons view.

Rick Wall was the person who outlined what we were going to do during this visit.  We first were in a room that was new, he said it was attached to the old building, where the Sydney Swans used to train.

Then we went into their pool area where they had a pool with four lanes 2 slow and 2 fast, he explained that the 2 slow lanes were for rehabilitation for elite sports people, there were also 2 spa’s 1 hot and then 1 cold for healing which allowed the elite sports athletes to recover from an injury and also opens up your blood vessels and it helps release lactic acids for recovery. They also had an ice bath also for recovery.

Then Rick took us into an open area with all workout machinery, which was used for rehabilitation, stretching, and just training. Some things he told us about the equipment in there was that the treadmills here are faster and the gears go higher, they have air machines that you run on for rehab instead of running straight onto the hard track, they have sports science labs which are for testing athletes to see (for example) how much they weigh, they have ooga machines that are mostly used by rowers.

He told us that when you move it releases a hormone called endorphin , which make you feel less pain and keep you active.

Then he took us to an outside area where he introduced us to Katie. She is an elite hockey player. She had a talk with us about herself and coaching ideas and skills that we can use.

She said she is a hockey player and coach for other hockey teams who will hopefully become players for Australian teams and Victorian teams. Katie’s Grandma played tennis and so did her parents and her sibling plays basketball she said that sport was running in her family and she had sports blood. Katie got involved with hockey through Primary School. She got offered to play the Seniors team. She always had a passion for hockey. She was part of junior state teams and national teams, then she moved up to the Australian teams where she got vice captaincy role because the player who was the vice captain got injured. she played in the world cup in 1988. She wasn’t selected for the 1966 Olympics. She played in the 2000 Olympics. When she finished she got a teaching degree. Sports came into her family as well as coaching. she is the head coach of the women hockey program.

Then we got a talk from Sarah who is an elite netball player she didn’t really get to talk much we only had a short time with her, but she loves netball and has played very high levels of it. she has had 2 leg injuries which made her sad because she was out for a while.

Overall I really enjoyed the visit I thought it was very informative.


Sports Coaching Lessons Overview

Throughout Sport Coaching we have learnt a wide variety about how to be a Coach.

Our first lesson we had STRIDE come in and play some educational games which were a basis around how to be a good coach, and good qualities you will need to pursue. Some of the games we played included talking and others included signals/ sign language to articulate what date of birth we were so we could align ourselves in order from the start of the year- to the end of the year. It was a challenging game but we got majority of them correct instead of about 3 people myself included.

After lunch we discussed what we will need to bring to each lesson and also what our classroom expectations are. We also got a sheet of what we are doing each lesson. I personally think that the classroom expectations are quite reasonable to our lessons and for order for us to learn all at the same pace.  Our classroom expectations are 1. Bring correct equipment, 2. One person to speak at a time, 3. Create a happy, productive learning environment, 4. No “put downs”, 5. Follow Instructions and 6. Do your best.

Our second lesson we discussed “what is a community?” We all had to have our own definition and then we researched a definition that we could add to our own definition. My definition of a community is a united group of people who have similar qualities/ interests and either teach or learn about them and/ or share their knowledge about the qualities and similarities. That we discussed for about 5-10 minutes including sharing time. Then we were asked to answer some questions such as “Why did you chose Sport Coaching?”, “What responsibilities do you think you will take on as Coaches?”, ” What characteristics would your ideal coach have?”, “Give an example of someone who you think is a good coach. Why? What skills do they possess?” and ” We often use the term ‘styles of the coaching’. List and describe a style of coaching you may know.”

Our third lesson we spoke more about the community connections program. The purpose and aim for it, the context of it , and the target audience that we will need to change our teaching/ coaching depending on who for ( because at this stage we didn’t know what age group we were going to teach.) Then we began to practice what we were thinking of teaching the students just for a first idea of what would be not too confusing or complex for them.

Our fourth lesson was a recap of what we did on the second and third lessons. Then we practiced more of what we are going to teach the students.

Our fifth lesson we had a visit from Coach Approach who took us for our chosen sport to coach. They gave us ideas and important teaching skills so we can learn from to later on go and teach for ourselves. That lesson I was injured so I couldn’t participate which was understandable , however I got to do something really cool instead of just sitting out and doing nothing! I got to video photograph the whole lesson! I got to capture some really cool photos and videos that the Coach Approach people taught us! It was AWESOME!

Our sixth lesson we had Year Nine and Ten inter-school sports day so we had a very quiet lesson we didn’t have majority of people here. Even our teachers weren’t there! But we had Mr. Bechaz instead. He is so nice! That lesson I got HEAPS done! I did all of the set tasks to do all in the third period!! We had to research how to develop, implement and review our coaching sessions, extra vocab, add to our blogs, and create a Google document for our groups coaching sessions plans. Because I got all of the tasks done in the third period Mr. Bechaz let me finish/ complete some homework tasks! I got all of my maths homework done that was set from the second period! So I had a night off homework that night!

Our lesson today we had to have completed our groups design brief and our groups Google document. Our group finished that in the third period so before the end of the third period I got to add two blog posts of my own and I got to comment on the blog posts of others! It was really good! This period ( 4th) I have written this blog about all of our lessons for sport coaching! Which I have enjoyed! I love writing! I really think these blogs are a great idea because they show what we are learning and what we are taking on from each lesson!

The End ( I think some people who read this will go FINALLY! And I also think that most people wont read to the end! Which I think is fair enough!)

The Mini Sport Coaching Session.

Sport Coaching today was mini in period three. I was the only one in my group at school and not participating in the inter-school sports day. Even our regular teachers weren’t here.  But our class made do and we all did our work it was a pretty quiet period. I got heaps of work done. Can’t wait to show my group the ideas I have for improvements for our coaching sessions and also to show them some idea skills and practices we can use from the website that was on compass. Which was a very helpful site.


The Video Photographer For Sport Coaching

Today in sport coaching I  unfortunately wasn’t able to participate in the physical side of things due to an injury but I got to film, take photos and witness AFL, Soccer, Netball and Basketball coaching techniques. It was awesome! So much more productive than sitting out and not even participating in anything for the whole period! So Thank- you Mr. Smith for giving me that AWESOME job!! I had a fabulous time!

My Reflections For All Sport Coaching Lessons.

Today in sport coaching we learnt about feedback. We have discovered what feedback skills we should use as a coach.  I now understand what feedback I should give and use as a coach.

Earlier on in this program we have learnt what it is to be a coach, what kinds of coaches there are and how we are going to teach the students our chosen sports.

I am really looking forward to developing the skills as a good coach and I cant wait to actually teach others the skills of the sport.