Entrada Siete

We got a lot of work done this lesson. Everything has been very stressful lately, with NAPLAN just finishing and a couple tests and exams coming up, but I’m glad I’ve been able to tick a few things off this lesson. We’ve finished our script and storyboard, as well as most of our filming. We’ve been working really well together to get our filming done so it can be edited and we can start focusing more on our individual project.

I feel more confident in our ability to work together to finish this video in time. We are able to openly share our ideas with one another, which will help us create a video that we are all happy with in the end. This experience will definitely be useful when I work in groups in the future, as i has given me a better understanding of how people should work together to ensure not only one person is doing all of the work.

Although we were unable to contact the Primary School to get our year 3-6 surveys done, we have still been able to move forward with a sufficient amount of information given to us by the year 7’s, as well as drawing on past knowledge of what we learnt about bullying in those years.

Rhea found this song which she thought would sound great in our video:

Entrada Seis

Today we got into the groups that we will be working in, in order to complete our second big assignment this term which is a ten minute video on a certain topic for the kids at Brandon Park Primary School. My group, consisting of Chantelle, Rhea, Keeley and I, will doing a 10 minute video on Bullying. We want to narrow down our topic of bullying, as it’s very broad, to just a particular type of bullying. We have made a survey and survey proposal this lesson, as we wish to survey the year’s 3-7’s on their knowledge and experiences with bullying. This will give us a better understand of what they think bullying, what they find interesting and what they don’t want us to put in the video.

Here is a copy of our surveys and our proposal for it.

Bullying Survey Proposal

The Survey

We’ve pretty much made the audience our client in a way. I’m hoping this will help not only us get a better understand of bullying in general, but I hope we will be able to use all of this information to help to students who will be watching it. We have sent the proposal to Mr. Allen to check over, and we are hoping to have all the surveys completed before lunch next Wednesday so we can starts filming.

I’ve completed most of the script for my individual project, and I’ve drawn some of my story board. I’m really looking forward to getting the filming done so I can start on the editing. I hope I’ll be able to use my experience gained from this assignment in the future, I really enjoy it.

Entrada Cinco

This multimedia lesson, we were given our first major assignment of term 2. It’s an individual task that will require us to make a 5 minute video for a festival being held by the Monash City Council. The video will need to show the views what Monash is really about, how it came to be and what can be found there. We have to use the steps we were shown during a video in our previous lesson. This includes all of the pre-production, production and post-production steps such as script writing, story boarding, filming and editing.

Here is a copy of my design brief that I was able to complete during the lesson:

Monash City Festival

I’m feeling nervous about the video, as 5 minutes is a long time for me. So far I have been able to complete the design brief, part of the script and I have a few ideas on what I want the story board to look like. I want to do well, but I’m not too confident with my directing and editing skills. I’ve definitely improved in these areas since the beginning of the year, but that doesn’t mean I’m any good at them.

Doing these design briefs has gotten easier over the past few months, and hopefully I’ll be able to apply them to my classes in the future.

Entrada Cuatro

This was the last multimedia lesson of term one. I have learnt a lot about what multimedia actually means, where it can be applied and how we can use it to help out our local community. I didn’t know what to expect when I had first walked into E3, which feels like it happened just yesterday, but I am glad that I was put in this class. I have been tested, stepped out of my comfort zone and worked with people I usually wouldn’t, but I have gotten so much out of it.

I can now work in groups without fearing that all the work will be dumped on me. I can stand up in front of the class and share my opinions without the fear of being judged. I can think faster and more efficiently about practical situations, helping me better understand how things work outside of school.

During the lesson, Chantelle, Rhea, Keeley and I worked hard to finish our filming and to get the video edited to a standard that we all felt was high. We quickly went over what needed to be done, and then started right away, wasting no more time. The classrooms next to us were empty, so we took advantage of that by filming Keeley’s part in there. We remembered to film the various angles of her and her surroundings, as we thought this would help the viewer’s get to know her and the school better.

Once we completed our filming, we then transferred all the video we had to my laptop. The only problem was, movie maker wasn’t displaying our videos. We tried using another camera, another computer and even resetting the device, but nothing seemed to have worked. Luckily, after spending our entire lessons researching our problem, we found that the problem was our video format. I quickly changed the video formats, but did not have time to edit the video.

Because I ran out of time, I decided to complete it, as well as my evaluation and blog at home. I finished the video off by adding Keeley’s film, as well as a title and credits at the start and end of the video. I also included some old film projector sound effects at the beginning to start our video off.

Here is my completed Process and Evaluation, as well as our Design Brief and our Final Product.

See you next term, have a happy holidays!

Entrada Tres

This lesson we were allowed to choose our own groups to work in. Mr. Allen told us it’s because if we choose who we work with, then we are more likely to do the work to a higher quality. Rhea, Chantelle and Keeley and I worked together to plan and film a sort of ‘introductory video’ for the Primary School. The aim of this video is to inform the Primary School of what we want to do for them, why we want to do it and how we are going to do it. It will also test our video planning, filming and editing skills.

In order to produce our product, we had to go through a process. This process allowed us to be more organized, as well as let us decide what we want to do in our video and how we want it to look.

When writing the design brief, we all chose a topic or two to write about and then went over everyone else’s work and discussed what we had written. This allowed us to make compromises, ensuring that we were all happy with our work.

We then chose what roles we wanted to play in the making of the video. This gave us a better understanding of where everyone stood and how we were going to work. I had chosen to be the film director and editor, while Chantelle, Rhea and Keeley were script writers and speakers.

After deciding our roles, the girls started writing their scripts while I shared a few ideas of how we should film it. We had decided that filming closeups as an introduction, as well as having everyone speak in different place, was a good idea. Not only could this help our views get to know us personally, but it helped them get to know our school better as well.

By the start of the second lesson we had edited our scripts and were ready to film. Chantelle was our first speaker, so naturally I decided to get her part done first. I started with some close ups and then filmed her speaking at different angles. This made it seem like there were multiple cameras around her, which is done often in interviews. By the end of the lesson, we had gotten through Chantelle and Rhea’s parts and were ready to start filming Keeley the next lesson.

I’ve enjoyed working with these girls. They are interested in the work we are doing and putting in the effort to make our video look good because they care about it just as much as I do. I’ve learnt a lot about group work and how it’s not always a bad thing. I used to avoid working in groups at all costs, but I don’t mind anymore. Just as long as everyone is doing their work that is.

I came home and started working on putting what we had filmed into a video with music, sound effects and even transitions. I am extremely happy with what he had managed to accomplish in 2 short lessons.

This was the music we had chosen for our video, ‘Heavy Heart’ by You Am I.


Entrada Dos

In this last multimedia class, we did some more design brief practice. I used to be nervous coming into class knowing I’d most likely be writing a group design brief and sharing it to the class. If I’m being completely honest, I’ve never been a great public speaker. I tend to fidget and stutter a lot, but I felt comfortable talking to everyone. I felt like I wouldn’t be judged if I went up there and went completely blank.

We worked on a design brief for an artist called ‘Chet Faker’. Our objective was to create a design brief for his album artwork that would have been suitable to use when it was actually being made. We were to discuss what message Chet wanted to convey and how we were going to do this. We mentioned how the cover has to clearly state his message, as well as give the viewers a clear image on what kind of artist he is.

We also worked in groups and made a design brief that could be used for our video for the Primary School. My group and I decided to make our brief about a video on bullying bullying. We worked together in a Google doc, assigning each person a role and then going through everyone’s and editing it so we were all happy.

Design Brief

I’m starting to like working in groups and presenting to the class. I used to raise my hand and ask to go first because I just wanted to get it over with, but now I ask to go first because I enjoy speaking. Even if it’s by myself. I’ve gotten better at writing design briefs and more confident in what I’m writing and how it will come across.

When I chose this class as my elective, I didn’t expect to learn as much as I have. I already knew how to make and edit some multimedia formats such as videos, articles and websites. I’ve learnt different skills need in order to work with the community and the processes of decision making. This has helped me not only in this class, but in all my other classes and I’m sure they will come in handy later in life.

I’ve never been the best when it came to group work. I’ve never been able to find people to work with that are as interested in the work as I am, usually ending in me doing all the work. In this class, I’ve been able to work with people who have chosen this class because they are interested in it, making group work enjoyable and fair. I’m glad there are people in the class that are reliable and won’t pass their work on to me.


Entrada Uno

Last lesson Mr. Allen told us to make a product that will show our ability to create something for a client with a limited amount of time. It would show him how we work with multimedia and where we could improve.

My group, consisting of Lucas, Isaac and I, decided to create an article for the school newsletter to talk about the community connections program and a gardening experience being run by Ms. Baxt. We sat down and planned who was doing what before packing up and joining Ms. Baxt and her Food In The Community class to collect pictures and interviews of what was going on, why they were doing this and what they wanted to get out of it.

We managed to create the two paged article below to show our Multimedia class, which we are also hoping to include in the next school article. I felt a bit nervous getting up and showing the class our work after seeing our peers finished products. This was because theirs was a video. It was fun and had music, people like music. We, obviously, couldn’t add music. It was about as entertaining as an article can get.


I’ve asked myself time and time again, what could have made it more entertaining? A gif wouldn’t had shown up on publisher or the actual school newsletter, so that was out of the question. A video wouldn’t have worked either, so what could have made it entertaining?

Maybe, if we have to make an article or poster later in the semester, we could do something more simplistic. A product that pops out, has few words and a lot more pictures, is fun and looks a lot better than a bunch of text on a page.

As for my peers presentations, you can tell they all put a lot of work into what they did. They might not have made the video or article that they wanted, but they tried. I particularly liked the Anime video by Damon’s group. I’ve only ever watched 2 anime series, Death Note and Black Butler, but their opinions and references to other movies made me want to watch more.

I also really enjoyed the gardening video. They captured the feel of the environment perfectly, it made me feel like I was there again. They did well with the use of music to set the scene, and the actual content was relevant and easy to watch.

Before and after presenting our product we had to answer a few questions regarding our article. This includes questions like who are client is, who our client wants it for and the problems we think might occur. After creating the video we had to discuss what we thought worked well or not so well.

I really enjoyed making the article. We as a group worked really well together and put a lot into it. I’m excited to create something bigger and more meaningful for our chosen cause, Brandon Park Primary School.

As for Mr. Allen, he asks questions that make us think about what we’re doing instead of just telling us what to do. He makes the class interesting and gives the activities we are doing a purpose. And he went to Soundwave, which I’m really jealous of.

Overall, I’m really enjoying the class discussions and the activities that have been set. I wasn’t too sure how I was going to go with actually making a product, but I think my group and I did an ok job. I’m happy I chose this class, i like what we are learning about and what we are trying to achieve together. I like that I’m feeling including and that my opinion matters.